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Vision & Values

School Vision and Values

Ficino School exists to provide a philosophically inspired education that promotes excellence and strength of character.

Ficino’s School Values form a “living document”, meaning they are used in the day-to-day performance of the school. Students receive ‘Value Cards’ when they demonstrate the behaviours of our Values.

Every child is allocated a House when they start at Ficino. They receive house points when they receive Value Cards which encourages them to model these behaviours. It is also valuable for building team spirit.

  • Speak the truth
  • Obey lawful direction
  • Respect all
  • Learn to be responsible and be responsible to learn
  • Practice what is good with resilience and courage

School Motto

‘Rejoice in the present’

The Ficino School motto is part of the inscription which adorned the walls of the Platonic Academy in 15th Century Florence, of which Marsilio Ficino was the leading light, and from whom the school takes its name. The motto gives children a clear direction to focus to what is in front of them and to enjoy the clarity of mind and the efficiency which naturally follows.

Founding Statement

The singular focus of the Trustees, Principal, teachers and staff of Ficino School is the provision of true knowledge and proper discipline giving rise to an understanding of good citizenship in our students.

We offer a traditional emphasis on good materials, true values and simple disciplines, coupled with an innovative philosophy of inquiry into the underlying principles of life, truth and unity.

This practical and spiritual approach of learning united with virtue creates a joyful and harmonious environment in which the students, and through them the parents and in turn the community may be enriched and educated.


Ficino School was founded in February 1997. It is modelled on the highly regarded St James Independent Schools in London, with an aim to restore spiritual values, uphold traditional virtues and encourage disciplined study in primary school education. This initiative came from parents in the School of Philosophy in Auckland to meet the need for a comprehensive, formative and principled education.