What Makes Us Special?

Ficino School provides a philosophically-inspired, private school education for boys and girls Preschool – Year 8.

A Ficino education is multi-faceted; our students experience a rich, knowledge-based curriculum. This sees their body, mind and heart nourished with material and tools that develop their:

  • academic excellence
  • strength of character
  • power of attention and
  • ability to be of service

Our students are provided with a solid grounding to develop into confident, caring, and productive citizens.

Academic Excellence

Our unique school curriculum incorporates aspects of the Cambridge Primary Programme and New Zealand’s National Curriculum, as well as specialist programmes from our sister schools around the world.

We focus on the basics to ensure our children have a strong foundation for their learning, such as understanding punctuation and grammar, learning times tables by heart, practising good handwriting to develop fine motor skills and the ability to focus.

Ficino students participate annually in national Progressive Achievement Tests (PATs) in Mathematics, Comprehension and Vocabulary. Most of our students are well above the national average in all these tests, and we see improvements in scores from year to year.

Power of Attention

Ficino School’s motto – Rejoice in the Present – provides students with the direction and tools to focus on what is in front of them.

This valuable skill is taught through a mindful approach which is woven through all facets of their education.

This ability to direct their attention is, at heart, to take care – truly focusing on the task at hand – pen to paper, hand to instrument, or simply listening to the person in front of them.

The ability to work like this greatly improves the way children learn, and their efficiency while working.

Strength of Character

It is important to offer an education that builds strength of character.

Not only do we want happy, self-assured students, we also want them to develop positive social skills as they demonstrate our School Values of respect, truthfulness, courage, obedience and responsibility.

A Ficino School education gives students the opportunity to develop these skills in an environment that provides space and encouragement to stop, to think and to question.

Acts of Service

Service is recognised and celebrated at Ficino School as children come to understand the satisfaction that having consideration for others brings.

This is seen in the offering of food at lunchtime, holding doors open for others and in caring for younger students.

Senior students take on responsibilities around the school giving them the opportunity to experience leadership.

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