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School Life


The bell for the start of the school day rings at 8.15am; registration takes place at 8.20am.

Parking is available at the rear of the building so parents of younger students can escort their children to the classroom.


There is an assembly every day at 8.30am, usually in the school hall. All parents are welcome to attend Friday assemblies, which include Good Works, Commendations, Awards and other special assemblies.

Good Works assemblies are usually held twice a term and are an opportunity for each class to show their good work – be it art, writing, maths, reciting the latest piece they have learnt, or explaining a science investigation the class has been working on. Commendations assemblies are to celebrate individual students’ academic achievement or effort, or demonstration of school values such as service, friendship or responsibility. After competitions, both sport (e.g. athletics, cross country, hockey etc) and academic/arts (e.g. music, speeches) Awards assemblies are held to award certificates, and where relevant, hear the students’ presentations/performances.

Morning break

Morning break runs from 10.50am for 20 minutes, during which healthy refreshments are provided.


There are two lunch sessions at which time children and teachers sit down and eat lunch together.

Y1 – 4 students eat at 11.55 – 12.25 and Y5 – 8 eat at 12.45 – 1.10pm. All food is provided by the school – see Meals at school for further information.

Following the seated meal and clearing away, junior students have break time from 12.25 to 12.45pm. Senior students have a break from 1.10 – 1.35pm.


The school day finishes at 3.00pm for Y1 – 4 students and 3.15pm for senior students.
All children are dismissed in the fountain area, and parents can drive through the one way system (accessed via View Road) to collect their children in the school grounds. School bus transport is not available, but some parents do carpool together.


2024 Term Dates
Term 1: Monday 5 February – Friday 12 April
Term 2: Monday 29 April – Friday 5 July
Term 3: Monday 29 July – Friday 27 Sep
Term 4: Monday 14 October – Friday 13 December

View the School Calendar for a schedule of school events and what’s on at Ficino School.


Ficino School’s house system allows our students to enjoy activities, games, conversation and working together with children of all ages of the same gender. Children belong to one of four houses: Francis and Gregory (for boys) and Clare and Teresa (for girls). Each House has two teachers in support and a House Captain (a Year 8 student, appointed each year).

All students meet in their houses once a week during assembly time, and children in Year 5 and above sit with their house members for lunch. Each year, two houses give a presentation about their patron saint, on that saint’s festival day, to the whole school assembly.

House points

Each term, students acquire house points for good behaviour, academic effort or achievement, and contribution to the class or school. Children succeeding in any competition or special event (sports and cultural) gain house points. The winning house is announced during the final assembly of the term, and the winners share a special morning tea and extended break.


Ficino School has a summer, winter and physical education uniform.

The girls’ uniform comprises a dress or skirt, with a blouse, cardigan or blazer. Boys wear shorts with a shirt, tie and blazer or jumper. There are some uniform differences between the junior and senior students. See the girls and boys uniform lists and uniform regulations.

All Ficino School uniform items are supplied by NZ Uniforms via an online platform, ensuring you have access to a range of high-quality Ficino School items.

The online platform offers the convenience of ordering uniform items anytime that suits you with items delivered directly to your nominated delivery address.

There is also a physical shop where you can go and try on uniforms – NZ Uniforms Penrose, Unit 4/531 Great South Road, Penrose.


We encourage the building of relationships between our class teachers and the parents of their students. Most parents communicate directly with their child’s teacher by email or setting up face to face meetings as required. However, there are several other channels we use to communicate with parents.

Formal parent-teacher interviews are conducted twice per year, at the end of the first term and beginning of the third term. Interviews take place on a Monday afternoon until 6.00pm (children are dismissed at 12.45pm on interview day). Interviews for Years 1 to 6 are 15 minutes long and for Years 7 and 8, ten minutes with each subject teacher. For larger classes, appointments can also be made after school on other days during the same week.

Formal written reports are sent out twice per year.

Parents and teachers also socialise at events held by Friends of Ficino, such as Quiz nights, themed socials and movie nights. Other opportunities arise at sports matches and school events.

The school newsletter is sent out by email every week. This contains a message from the Principal, notices, upcoming special events or assemblies and results for sports teams and any other recent competitions. All major school events can also be found on the calendar on our website.

Parents are also invited into the school to view the children’s work on Open Days, Grandparents’ Day and Good Works assemblies. There is an open invitation for parents to attend assemblies on Fridays

Meals At School

Mealtimes are about more than just food at Ficino School.

All children and teachers sit down and eat lunch together. Sitting with their class or house and teacher, the students are taught to serve and care for one another, as well as engage in good conversation.

Lunch is also an opportunity for the students to practise their table manners and learn to use cutlery appropriately.

We strongly believe a healthy, balanced diet is central to good learning. All of the students’ food is provided by the School, including morning tea. The food served is in-season and vegetarian, and is prepared freshly each day in our kitchen. Ingredients from our school gardens are used when available


All children at Ficino School are expected to complete homework each day.

Homework allows the children to establish good work habits, encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning and reinforces knowledge. It is an opportunity for the children to consolidate their learning from the day and to broaden their knowledge or skills.

As a guide, we set the following per night, Monday – Friday:

  • Year 1 – even a few minutes, aim for 10
  • Year 2 – 20 minutes
  • Years 3-4 – 30 minutes
  • Years 5-6 – 45 minutes
  • Years 7-8 – 1 hour

Homework tips

  • Have a quiet area set aside
  • Keep to the same routine as much as possible
  • Discuss similar examples with your child, but do not do the work for them
  • Listen to your child, being encouraging at all times
  • Leave the marking and correcting to the class teacher
  • Liaise with the class teacher to support your child’s learning

Ficino After School Care (FASC)

Ficino School provides a high quality after school care service, which runs between 3.00pm and 5.45pm throughout the school year.

The Ficino After School Care (FASC) programme is designed to feel different from the school day, with a focus on good company and creative activities. The programme comprises a combination of homework time, rest, fun activities, exercise and afternoon tea.

Parents value the time their children spend at after school care because they go home refreshed, happy and well-fed with their homework already completed.

A typical FASC session is as follows:

3.00 – 3.30pm: Children sign in and have afternoon tea (provided)

3.30 – 4.30pm: Supervised free play, indoor or outdoor, occasional organised arts and crafts activity

4.30 – 5.00pm: Assisted / supervised homework time and quiet time (read or board games etc)

5.00 – 5.45pm: Supervised free play

Typical food offered*:

  • Wholemeal bread with spreads (marmite, peanut butter, honey)
  • Fruit pieces
  • Dried fruits
  • Plain yoghurt
  • Occasional treats (biscuit or muesli bar or similar)
  • Water / milk

*Dietary needs can be catered for.

Fees per session: $25. A late pick-up fee will apply.