School day


The bell for the start of the school day rings at 8.20am; registration takes place at 8.25am. Parking is available at the rear of the building so parents of younger students can escort their children to the classroom.


There is an assembly every day at 8.30am, usually in the school hall. All parents are welcome to attend Friday assemblies, which include Good Works, Commendations, Awards and other special assemblies.

Good Works assemblies are usually held twice a term, and are an opportunity for each class to show their good work – be it art, writing, maths, reciting the latest piece they have learnt, or explaining a science investigation the class has been working on. Commendations assemblies are to celebrate individual students’ academic achievement or effort, or demonstration of school values such as service, friendship or responsibility. After competitions, both sport (e.g. athletics, cross country, hockey etc) and academic/arts (e.g. music, speeches) Awards assemblies are held to award certificates, and where relevant, hear the students’ presentations/performances.

Morning break

Morning break runs from 10.30am for 20 minutes, during which healthy refreshments are provided.


At 12.00pm, all children and teachers sit down and eat lunch together. All food is provided by the School – see Meals at school for further information.

Following the meal seated together and clearing away, the children have break time from 12.30 to 1.00pm.


The school day finishes at 3.00pm. All children are dismissed in the fountain area, and parents can drive through the one way system to collect their children in the school grounds. School bus transport is not available, but some parents do carpool together.