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Intermediate School

YEARS 7 – 8

Continuing on from their Primary School years, students continue to develop an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge. They are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and take advantage of the opportunities they are offered below. We find this provides them with excellent preparation for high school.

Benefits offered by the Ficino Intermediate Years

Leadership Opportunities

Ficino is proud of the leadership opportunities it offers to its students throughout their schooling. Year 7 & 8 students are given the chance to apply and refine these strengths in their senior years as they take more ownership of their learning. They have increased responsibility within the school and have opportunities for the mentoring of younger students through roles such as lunchtime and study group monitors.

Opportunities to experience the responsibility of leadership at this age are invaluable; students naturally rise to the opportunity to serve if it is provided.

Subject Specialist Teaching

Cambridge Mathematics and Science step way beyond the NZ curriculum in rigour and critical thinking. The teaching of formal grammar in English and through Sanskrit gives students the understanding of language at its core.

Challenging Material

Senior students are provided with challenging material including Shakespeare, Beowulf and Wordsworth. Their learning journey culminates with a Renaissance Trip to Italy and England. This journey provides them with the opportunity to further their skills in leadership and self-management.


Self-awareness and a deeper sense of identity are among the many benefits scientifically proven to be offered by meditation. The opportunity to establish this practice on a daily basis for these two years is a true gift.


Our graduates leave understanding what a good friend is and know how to make good choices. They appreciate their own strengths and understand how to collaborate with others.

Preparation for Secondary School

Good study habits are essential in the secondary years as is the ability to focus, research and question which puts our graduates in a good position to succeed.

Feedback and anecdotal evidence show our graduates continue to perform at high levels academically, participate with enthusiasm and confidence in lessons and extra-curricular activities, and successfully develop their social networks.

As Principal, Peter Crompton, notes “…we all see a transformation in Year 8 as they become well rounded human beings. In this final year, it’s like the cream floats to the surface”.