All children at Ficino School are expected to complete homework each day. Homework allows the children to establish good work habits, encourages them to take responsibility for their own learning and reinforces knowledge. It is an opportunity for the children to consolidate their learning from the day and to broaden their knowledge or skills.

As a guide, we set the following per night, Monday – Friday:

  • Year 1 – even a few minutes, aim for 10
  • Year 2 – 20 minutes
  • Years 3-4 – 30 minutes
  • Years 5-6 – 45 minutes
  • Years 7-8 – 1 hour

P1080129_cHomework tips

  • Have a quiet area set aside
  • Keep to the same routine as much as possible
  • Discuss similar examples with your child, but do not do the work for them
  • Listen to your child, being encouraging at all times
  • Leave the marking and correcting to the class teacher
  • Liaise with the class teacher to support your child’s learning