We are very happy to introduce our new Head students for 2024. Zia Ferdian is our Head Girl and Pranav Jokhun is our Head Boy and both have shared their Ficino journey with us. 

Zia Ferdian:

My name is Zia Ferdian, I started Ficino school right from year 1, and I must tell you, the 8 years of my time here will be remembered, even when I’m older. For my last year at Ficino, I am immensely grateful and honored to lead my peers into a new year as the Head Girl of 2024.

The roles of the head boy and girl are all about acts of service to the school. It teaches one the life skills of leadership, responsibility, and courage. This is why I sincerely desire to mirror the support I have received from many teachers, students, and parents.

My advice to current and upcoming students is to always “Rejoice in the Present”. A motto that will stick with me forever.

Pranav Jokhun:

I have been part of the Ficino Family ever since the Preschool started 8 years ago. It is my privilege to have been elected as head boy for 2024. This has been my dream role since year one, as it offers the student to express and further develop his leadership skills and responsibility. It gives me an opportunity to serve and give back to the school that taught me so much wisdom, knowledge and other valuable life skills. Over the past years I have grown to know most of the students from year one through to the whole school, and feel like a big brother to them. I strive and hope to be a good role model.