“Having been advised that it usually takes most of a child’s first year to adjust and settle into high school, we are delighted to find Tamsin already well settled, enjoying school and new friends in the first term.

We attribute much of this ease of transition to Tamsin’s time at Ficino School.  Ficino helped instil an inner self-belief and assurance based on sound values, good philosophy and good teachers.

We appreciate the hard work and love of learning of the teachers, with the best subject examples and experiences given to the children.  It has been a pleasure to watch the children’s own excitement in realising the potential within themselves, particularly in the Shakespeare play.

Thank you to all the staff and the leadership at the school, who helped our daughter to flourish in a safe environment.”

K & P Duff, April 2015

“Sending Jonathan and Marcus to Ficino we believe was the best thing we could have done for them. Those first 8 school years are very important and formative. With a good foundation they can gain enormously and get the qualities and self esteem to get the most out of high school and life beyond. For new parents considering Ficino we have no hesitation in recommending that the investment is worth it, the long term benefits are noticeable.

Where it has got them?

4 years on Jonathan has sailed through Mt Albert Grammar School (MAGS) with high marks and has found his passion in the demanding sport of Rowing. Now 17 he’s been selected for his third rowing tour overseas, this year the highest goal and team of his age group, the New Zealand under 19 Junior Four to compete in Rio de Janeiro. He also loves to scuba, freedive and spearfish when not absorbed in rowing.

Marcus has also entered MAGS in the top streams, advanced Maths group and has started Rowing. Was selected to an Auckland level hockey team as goalie 2 years ago and aims to continue with this. Also a keen diver/spearfisherman.

Thanks Ficino for the wonderful difference you have made to our sons lives and encouraging them to realise their potential.”

J & A Winter, April 2015

“In my role as an educational consultant in NZ, US and Asia, I have had the privilege of seeing some outstanding schools.  Yours is one of them.  All of your teachers were totally engaged with their students.  The student response was dynamic.  At a time when educational in New Zealand is still trying to meet the needs of such a diversity of students, you are a beacon.  Many could learn from you.”

J Winder, June 2016

“Chrissie from Dean’s Swim School has taught swimming for over twenty years to primary school children. She said her experience this afternoon working with Year Four children from Ficino School had been a real reminder of the reason she loves teaching swimming.

Chrissie had combined two swimming groups whose abilities were quite different so she thought she would ask one group to coach the other. She said it was the first time she had seen this work well. Those being instructed were attentive and respectful while those instructing were considerate and observant. There was an obvious rapport and respect within the group and the focus was on improving swimming skills.”

A note from the Swimming Instructor at Dean’s Swim School
November 2014

“Our son has relished the small school atmosphere of Ficino, and become more confident in all aspects of day to day life.”

December 2014

“I love working at Ficino School. In my opinion it’s the best primary and intermediate school in Auckland.”

Dr Polly Sussex, Music Teacher
December 2014

“The school of choice for those who care about education and want development of more than academic outcomes e.g. character, values, worldliness.”

May 2014

“I was extremely impressed with your learning environment and unique curriculum focus.  It was lovely to meet some of your staff and students.  My longstanding memory of Ficino will be the amazing self-confidence of the children in speaking individually and presenting to others, and from such a young age.  I must congratulate your students on their presence and demeanour within their school environment.  Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and it was a pleasure and a privilege to be a guest at Ficino.”

Deborah James, Executive Director, Independent Schools of New Zealand
June 2010