Philosophically inspired primary education for boys and girls

A Ficino School education is multi-faceted; designed to realise the unique potential within each child. Children who come to Ficino School develop confidence, a love of learning and a strong sense of self, while growing their innate ability to care for others.

Catering for boys and girls Years 1-8, our programme is based on three platforms: striving for academic excellence, expanding children’s horizons through the rich material found in our global traditions, and practising mindfulness, including philosophic inquiry.

The biggest thing Ficino School does differently is to give children space.

To stop.   To think.   To question.

In all philosophical and religious traditions great weight is placed on the need for inner quiet and contentment. We feel that it is important for children to gain an early taste of their own capacity to experience the quiet within. Using mindfulness techniques, our students develop self-discipline and the ability to attend, facilitating substantial learning.

By fostering a love of learning, teaching the ability to be calm and centred and encouraging children to have respect for all, Ficino School helps our students to build strong foundations for life.

Please visit us to experience Ficino School for yourself.

Ficino School Principal Peter Crompton

Peter Crompton