I was recently asked to reflect on the place of speech and recitation at Ficino. As a wise man once said, good speech is fundamental to leading a good and fulfilling life.  He went on to say that if our speech is beautiful, our actions will be beautiful.  Words have power to transform both the inner being of the speaker and those who hear them.

A fundamental ethos of Ficino School is to give the children the best available. Students really benefit from learning beautiful ideas beautifully expressed; these provide good food for the heart and mind. In this day of quick fixes and instant gratification, learning in this manner allows students the possibility of real understanding and knowledge.

In addition, the opportunity to stand and speak in front of others instils confidence and strength. It allows students to speak when they need to speak. It gives them practice in expressing themselves with sincerity, precision and clarity. This practice also nurtures the ability to clearly understand what others are saying.

In Term One the school has a Speech Week, where students have the opportunity to learn and recite a selected piece.  Five finalists are selected and go through to speak in front of their syndicate level. The winners speak in front a whole school assembly and parents.

Many thanks to all the parents and teachers who have helped their children prepare for the Speech Competitions.

Mr Hamish Hudson
Senior Class Teacher