Hell Reading Challenge

Ficino School is always trying to improve the reading abilities of the students, transmit the love for books and encourage the reading of quality books. In class, in the library or at home, it is always a good time to promote good reading habits. This year, we decided to try a new tool and to join the Hell Reading Challenge, a well-established reading programme, hugely successful in getting the children reading and enjoying the pleasure of stories.

From the New Entrants to Year 8, everyone will be given a pizza wheel, with a stamp on it for each library book they read. Once they have read 7 books, the students can exchange their completed wheel for a free 333 kids’ pizza from any Hell Store. The students must redeem their pizza wheels in person and before the expiry date, which is Wednesday 31 January 2024. A maximum of one stamp will be given per week and the wheels will be kept in the library to avoid any loss.

From Year 3 to Year 8, we will encourage independent reading and ask the students to write a review of the books they read. They can choose the books they want in the library, however, they will have to choose at least 3 books from our recommended book lists (Early Readers Book List, Developing Readers Book List and Advanced Readers Book List). It will assure the quality of their readings and make them discover new authors, series and genres. We are happy to share with you those new lists and hope that you will find them helpful.

From New Entrants to year 2, we will encourage good reading habits by rewarding the reading of the library books at home with a parent, to take care of the books and to return the library books on time.

We hope that the students and the families will enjoy the challenge and that it will participate in making our students long-time readers!