22 September – Week 9, Term 3 2023


We have arrived at the final day of term with the school in good heart. This week, the children have been presented with a wealth of nourishing messages. Our story at Monday’s assembly was about self-remembering and particularly not forgetting who we truly are. The children cottoned on quickly that when we forget ourselves, we lose our ability to control ourselves. On Wednesday, the Senior Tutor in the School of Philosophy, Barrie Preston, spoke to the children about the same theme of the importance of discovering who we truly are; and that within us all is a light that never diminishes, is ever-present and a source of strength.

On Thursday, Class 6 performed a wonderful play written and directed by Miss Doctor, of the story of King Arthur. There was a beautiful scene where the knights sit around the round table discussing what chivalry means. The whole play was really about service before self; King Arthur being the epitome of selflessness. Finally at our end of term service at St Barnabas Church, the readings reinforced the same message about self-remembering and letting our true light shine. Reverend Malcolm’s sermon was an uplifting story about a boy called Glen Cunningham whose legs were damaged in an explosion, but who through determination and sheer grit became the fastest American miler in the early 20th Century. As the Revered said, we let our light shine by our effort much more than by great achievements.

I wish you all a restful break and look forward to the start of our final term of the year in two weeks time.