In the second stage of education (including the intermediate years), children usually become much more aware of how others in the world think and relate to one another.  This widening of interest is acknowledged in our curriculum with changes in both content as well as style of learning and enquiry. 

Students are increasingly taught by subject specialists, developing an enthusiasm for learning and a thirst for knowledge.  They are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and take advantage of opportunities to develop their leadership skills.  We find this provides them with excellent preparation for high school.

Building on the foundations developed in the early years, senior students are provided with challenging material including Shakespeare, ancient history and the Cambridge Mathematics and Science curriculum. Philosophy is taught using the international P4C programme where students hone their ability for independent expression and constructive dialogue on meaningful topics. In pre-Covid times, their learning journey culminated with a Renaissance Trip to Italy and England, while in recent years they have toured through the South Island of New Zealand. Both these journeys provide them with the opportunity further their leadership skills and to develop their skills in self management.