• All clothing worn at school should be clearly named.
  • Blazers are always to be worn to and from school in Term 2, 3 and 4, even when just getting out of the car in the morning, and for formal occasions.
  • Blazers need to be cared for – hung up, rather than rolled into bags.
  • Terms 1 & 4 Summer uniform is worn, and Terms 2 & 3 Winter uniform is worn.
  • Footwear to be worn through the day, other than at sport.
    Summer – Black leather sandals. Winter – Black leather regulation shoes.
  • Watches from Year 4 up to be plain in style and colour, i.e. metal, black or white – No internet capable wrist devices.
  • Jewellery is not permitted unless it is of a religious significance and there is a written request from parents.
  • If your child does not have correct uniform for the day, please provide a note.


  • Girls’ uniforms and skirts are to be long enough to cover the knees. Just below the knees is fine, but not above the knees or down to the ankles.
  • Hems of uniforms to be sewn back up as soon as they have come undone.
  • Girls’ ties to fit neatly below collars, not hang down loose.
  • Long hair to be tied back. Hair ties, clips and hair band colour to be navy blue or black.
  • Girls’ socks and stockings need to be free of holes.
  • Winter Shoes – plain polished black leather lace-up, T-bar or Mary Jane style.
  • All girls’ socks or tights are to be dark navy. The socks are to be knee length. Socks and stockings need to be free of holes.
  • During the summer black leather sandals are to be worn. Although during a transition period in the first week of Term 4 girls may wear white ankle socks with black leather shoes instead of sandals.
  • No earrings or studs may be worn at school until Years 7 and 8, when plain gold or silver studs are allowed.
  • No makeup or nail polish is to be worn.


  • Shoes – plain polished black leather lace-up from Year 2 upwards. Year 1 may have velcro fasteners.
  • Socks to be grey socks with the blue and gold stripes showing when they are turned down. They should be worn knee-length
  • Garters may be needed to keep socks up and can be purchased from the office.
  • During the summer black leather sandals are to be worn. Although during a transition period in the first week of Term 4 boys may wear black leather lace up shoes and regulation socks instead of sandals.
  • Senior boys’ trousers should be worn with a plain black belt through the belt loops.
  • Senior boys’ socks under the trousers should be grey or black, not white.
  • Boys’ hair should be neat and not cover the eyes, ears or collar. No hair gel, or exotic hairstyles should be worn.


 Students are to ensure they have their full PE uniform at school for all PE activities and take it home for regular washing. Sport shoes should be predominantly white, black or navy blue. The shoes should be worn with white tennis style socks.