Term 4 vignettes – Ficino School graduating class of 2017

It is with pride that we farewell our Year 8 students, many of whom have been with Ficino School throughout their primary education.  It has been a privilege to see them turning into young adults and we wish them all the best as they start their journey into high school and beyond.

They recently completed a survey of their experiences at Ficino School, commenting on the highlights of their education and their perceptions of the School’s strengths.  In nearly unanimous feedback, they spoke about the inclusiveness of their time here and the appreciation they had for the one-on-one contact they got from their teachers.

Small class sizes allow these relationships and experiences to flourish.  The values that they are exposed to also teach them to recognize what is good in people, allowing them to identify the type of friendships that are sought at a time where they will be exposed to larger class sizes at high school.