It takes a village – Ficino School’s Grandparents Day

Ficino School recognises the important role that extended family have in the growing of happy, confident and well-adjusted children.  It hosted its ever-popular Grandparents Morning in Term 3.  All our students loved having the grandparents visit school, and it was heart-warming to see the interactions between them all.

Our students particularly enjoyed the opportunity to take visitors through their classrooms and share their current work with them.  Our children are so visibly proud of what they have achieved and are currently working on at school, and it was a very positive experience for them to be able to discuss their work (whether with their own grandparents or someone else’s!).

Our visitors were also treated to performances from our students after the scrumptious morning tea that was prepared by some of our current parents.  Our Preschool students came over to take part in the singing with all our students up to Year 6.

The grandparents also got to experience instrumental performances and were impressed with the quality of the recitals be it on the piano or the violin. The girls dance routine demonstrated the grace and beauty that careful focus and attention on the music brings to their movements.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this morning such a success, from the attentive grandparents, to the current parents and of course the students who made excellent hosts!