Sustainability and conservation in action at Ficino School!

We are lucky to live in a city like Auckland (and indeed New Zealand!) with easy access to a wide range of aquatic and ecological environments (and the corresponding creatures) on our doorstep.  Ficino School has always taught and practiced the importance of sustainability to ensure these remain for future generations to enjoy.

Our Junior School went to Kelly Tarlton’s recently as part of their Nature Study’s curriculum.  Year 1 looked at aquatic life cycles, Year 2 prepared for a study of the water cycle and sea creatures while Year 3 looked at conservation of sea life and how we can all play our part.


Each group engaged in learning session with staff in which they had the opportunity to ask many questions about the amazing sea creatures they had seen.

Years 5 and 6 recently spent time on Rotoroa Island, a pest free island sanctuary for native wildlife and plants in the Hauraki Gulf.  Working alongside Auckland Zoo educators, the children participated in a range of hands-on activities that supported the Science curriculum topic of ‘Caring for our Environment’.  Activities involved the use of GPS devices to find animal tracks and banded birds, together with the identification of pests that could come onto the island.

With this trip teachers’ hoped to instil a sense of giving back to the community while also ensuring we all leave a legacy for others to enjoy in the future.