School Newsletter Week 9, Term 2, 2015

Monday evening provided an opportunity for parents to meet Board members at a social gathering. Board Chairman, Lawrence Ames, spoke about the beginnings of Ficino School, why it was started and what the founding principles were. He then reminded us of the Vision that “Ficino School exists to provide a philosophically inspired education that promotes excellence and strength of character.” The Chairman also referred to our patron, fifteenth century philosopher Marsilio Ficino and launched a new fundraising initiative in the form of a beautiful book entitled An Introduction to Marsilio Ficino. This has been generously organised by a member of the Auckland School of Philosophy and supported by a Board member from our sister school, John Colet, in Sydney. It would make an ideal gift and copies are available at the school reception by donation. Marsilio Ficino was a leading intellectual in Florence during the Italian Renaissance – he was a philosopher, writer, physician and linguist; and had a profound influence on some of the leading names in Renaissance art, including Michelangelo and Botticelli. In the forward to the book, a nine point plan for living a good life is described.

1. Depend on God alone, and thus be happy in the midst of calamities.
2. Allow wisdom to guide you in the right use of your talents.
3. Discover and revere your true nature.
4. Be content with whatever comes your way.
5. Listen to what is good and speak well of others.
6. Love and you will be loved.
7. Never be envious. Transcend the vicissitudes of life.
8. Practise the supreme virtue of patience.
9. Let the light of truth shine through all aspects of your life.
Peter Crompton


Year 3 Play ‘Cinderella’ at Assembly on Friday 26 June

Parents are invited to come to the assembly next Friday where Year 3 will perform a short Play ‘Cinderella’.