School Newsletter Week 9, Term 1, 2015

It was a pleasure to welcome our local MP David Seymour to the School Fair on Sunday. He enjoyed meeting some of you and was impressed with the community spirit amongst our parent body. He was very interested in our School’s philosophy and particularly the Renaissance Trip where the students all get the opportunity to connect with some of the great work and people of western civilisation. Mr Seymour spoke about his own passion for independence and choice in education.

Yesterday we said farewell to Anne Corbett, who has been associated with Ficino School for many years. As far back as 2001, she assisted with PE curriculum advice and over the years of her association has developed many new initiatives to enhance the PE teaching at Ficino School. She has a particular passion for netball and has inspired many of the girls to develop their skills in this sport. We will miss her integrity, love of her subject and the passion and excitement she brought to her lessons. Anne will be working in a consultative capacity at her local school and hopes to develop courses for training PE teachers and utilise holistic approaches in her work including mindfulness. We wish her every success in her journey ahead. Mrs Setters will take all the PE lessons next term so we will continue to offer specialist instruction in this area.

Peter Crompton



Introductory Philosophy Classes

As many of you know, the simple mindfulness exercise called the pause which the children practice on a daily basis, has been given to us through the School of Philosophy. If you are interested in finding out the background to Ficino School’s teaching philosophy, you are invited to join a course of introductory lectures from the School of Philosophy next term free of charge. Please go to the School of Philosophy website for further details.

New Entrant & Class 1 Meeting – Cancelled

The New Entrant and Class 1 Meeting scheduled for Tuesday 28th April (Week 2) will no longer go ahead as this was intended to introduce new parents to the class, but as we have no new students starting next term we have decided to cancel it this time.