School Newsletter Week 8, Term 3, 2015

Recently I was reminded of why Ficino School was founded in 1997. Following the model established at St James in London, the aim was, and still is to restore spiritual values, uphold traditional virtues and encourage disciplined study in primary school education. As you know, we have recently been exploring the meaning of our five School Values in assemblies, and all families will have received a reference card explaining how children can put these into practice through inquiry.

Our Year Two students reflected some of these in response to the question, why do we come to school? This is what they said:-
– to learn about things we don’t know about
– to learn to be kind to people and animals and plants and our earth
– to have fun
– to learn our values and practise what is good
– to make new friends
— to learn to be responsible for what we do
– to learn not to waste food
– to learn to work together

Recently our top mathematicians from Year 5 and 6 attended a Mathex Competition with other schools from our local association. They have to work effectively together and think through mathematical problems as a team. Our Year 5 students did exceptionally well, with both teams coming 4th equal out of 29 teams. Their combined score was the highest on aggregate which is an outstanding result considering we were competing with schools typically five or six times larger than Ficino. The daily practice of the Pause provides our students with the ability to remain reasonably calm under pressure and also as mentioned at the beginning of this message, disciplined study provided by the Cambridge curriculum gives a strong foundation in mathematics.

Peter Crompton



Founders Day Assembly – Thursday 24th Sept – 8.30am

Parents are warmly invited to our Founders Day Assembly on Thursday 24th September at 8.30am in the school hall.

Church Service – St Barnabas Church – Thursday 24th Sept  – 2.15pm

Parents are invited to our Church Service at St Barnabas Church, corner of Bellevue and Mt Eden Roads on Thursday 24th September at 2.15pm.  Children can be taken home directly from the church or will walk back to school to be collected at the normal time.

Hockey & Netball Assembly – Friday 25th Sept – 8.30am

Parents are invited to our Hockey and Netball Awards Assembly on the last day of term – Friday 25th September.

Fundraising Samosas – Orders due in on Monday 21st Sept

Just in time for the holidays!  Please return your orders with money on Monday.  Orders need to be collected on the last day of term – Friday 25th September.

Summer Uniform Worn from Term 4 – Shop Open Wednesday morning next week

It might be time to pull out the summer uniforms and see if they still fit!  Next week the uniform shop will also be available on Wednesday morning from 8.15am to 8.45am, as well as the afternoon from 2.30pm to 3.15pm.  Uniforms will need to be purchased before the end of term as the uniform shop will not be open during the holidays. Please be reminded that boys sandals need to be black leather and the girls sandals from Years 1 – 6 are also black leather.  The Year 7 & 8 girls may wear plain black leather lace-up shoes, T-bar or Mary Jane style.  Please see the website uniform list for further clarification

Term 4 Start Date – Tuesday 13th October

This is a reminder that Term 4 starts on Tuesday 13th October as we have a staff day on Monday.