School Newsletter Week 8, Term 1, 2015

This time of year is particularly full of activity. This week Classes 3 and 4 visited the Observatory, Classes 5 and 6 had their annual two day visit to the Long Bay Marine Education and Recreation Centre, and of course this Sunday we are looking forward to the Ficino School Fair. This wonderful event brings the school and local communities together. Many of the students will be assisting with the stalls and activities in order to help raise funds for the new stage, new interactive whiteboard projectors for Rooms 4 and 5 and for the 2016 Renaissance Trip. Our thanks go out to all the parents and other friends of the school for all the work you have put in.

With all this movement and activity, the school is blessed with “the Pause”, which gives us all the opportunity to remember the underlying stillness, that is always present and which in reality supports all the activity. When this is remembered the results look after themselves. This was never more evident than in the Cricket World Cup Semi-final on Tuesday. With the mounting tension in the crowd, our hearts in our mouths, Grant Elliott with apparent ease clubbed the penultimate ball over the boundary for six. In the interview afterwards, when he was asked what was going through his mind as he waited for that ball, Elliott, without a moment’s hesitation answered “Nothing”. If you had asked what was going through the minds of everyone else in the crowd, by the look on their faces, I think the answer would have been anything but “Nothing”. However the man in the arena was able to put the expectation of the Nation aside, and act with an empty mind. The result was perfect.

Peter Crompton


Ficino School Fair – Sunday 29th March 10.30am – 2.30pm

The Fair weekend is finally here, and it is indeed a weekend of Fair activities.  The task of transforming the school begins Friday afternoon, and continues on Saturday and Sunday morning.  Many of you will have jobs on both Friday and Saturday already, but you are very welcome to pop in if you have an hour to spare.  We will be able to find you something to do.  The Fair itself kicks off at 10.30am sharp on Sunday morning and it can be quite a sight watching a tide of people pour through the gates.  Make sure your friends and family have it noted on their social calendar.    It is a lovely family day that all age groups can enjoy.  Clean up always follows the Fair and we are confident it will be a quick and thorough with a few of us wanting to get home to watch the cricket!  Go the Black Caps!

Accounts Position at Ficino School

We are looking for a part time accounts person to cover for our current staff member who will be taking parental leave from late May. As our school is small, this role requires someone with good all round accounting knowledge and experience. The role includes debtors, creditors, general ledger, payroll, asset register, inventory IRD returns and preparation of annual accounts for audit. The hours would be 16 – 18 hours per week, and work during the school holidays is necessary.
Our accounts are run using PCSchool – the Student Management system Ficino School uses – and an overlap period will be allowed for training in this system.
If you or someone you know would be suitable for this position and is looking for this type of role
please email or call the school office and ask for Kerrin Waterer for an application form and job description.

Winter Uniform – from Term 2

The children will wear their winter uniform from the start of Term 2.  School blazers are worn to and from school during the winter terms. The uniform shop is open on Wednesdays from 2.30pm until 3.15pm.

Athletics Day Awards Assembly – Thursday 2nd April

Parents are warmly invited to our Athletics Day Awards Assembly which will be held on the last day of this term – Thursday 2nd April at 8.30am in the school hall.

End of Term Church Service – Thursday 2nd April

All parents are invited to come to our End of Term Easter Service at St Barnabas Church on Thursday 2nd April at 2pm.  Children may be collected directly from the church after the service, or from school as usual at 3pm.