School Newsletter Week 5, Term 3, 2015

The school and parents were treated to a beautiful display of dance at this morning’s assembly. Dance was introduced right at the outset of the establishment of Ficino School and our sister schools around the world. It provides the opportunity for children to learn to move together in unison, and to connect mentally, emotionally and physically with the rhythm of the music. As an activity it energises and nourishes all these three aspects of the child. We had offerings from the Upanishads of Ancient India, a Maori Stick Dance, European and English folk dances and a medieval dance from Class Four. All were beautifully performed and required considerable stillness, patience and fine attention from the children.

Dance can provide nourishment at a spiritual level as well. This was seen this morning in the beautiful universal prayer ‘In this body, in this town of Spirit’ performed by Year One and then again when Year Five and Six girls performed the Peace Prayer. This is a prayer that encourages us to connect with the peace in the natural world around us. The girls’ chanting of it in Sanskrit was beautiful and there was a long pause after it when the whole assembly simply rested in the peace it produced, before the clapping commenced. Here is a translation of the prayer.

Unto the Heaven be Peace, Unto the Sky and the Earth be Peace,
Peace be unto the Water, Unto the Herbs and Trees be Peace,
Unto all the gods be Peace, Unto the Creator and unto All be Peace.
And may We realise that Peace.
Om Peace Peace Peace
Peter Crompton



Grandparents Morning – Thursday 3 September

Grandparents and friends of students are warmly invited to our Grandparents Morning in the school hall.  Morning tea will be served at 9.30am, followed by a welcome from the Principal and an address by Mr Bruce Watson from the Ficino Educational Foundation.  Grandparents and friends will then accompany the children to their classrooms.  This will be followed by a celebration of singing, recitation, performance, prayers and hymns. To help with catering and preparation please RSVP to Leah Ashton – phone 623 3385 or email by Monday 31 August.

Good Works Assembly – Friday 4 September – Class 1, 3, 5 & 7

Parents are invited to our Good Works Assembly for Classes 1, 3, 5 and 7 next Friday 4th September at 8.30am.