School Newsletter Week 5, Term 2, 2015

Today is Pink Shirt Day which is recognised in many New Zealand schools as an opportunity to stand against any form of bullying. Pink Shirt Day started in Canada in 2007 when a boy was the victim of snide comments from his peers when he wore a pink shirt to school. Bullying can take place in any school and no school can claim to be totally free of it. Pink Shirt Day provided an opportunity to speak to the students about what bullying is and how to deal with it. We all acknowledged that at some point we had experienced meanness and also been mean to someone else. Having acknowledged that meanness takes place, we explored in the following way why it happens.

Starting with the ancient wisdom of the East, we discussed the natural state of the human being. This is said to be full of knowledge, full of vitality and full of happiness. This was generally acknowledged as a natural and free state to be in, and the birthright of everyone. Meanness, we concluded, happens when we forget this about ourselves and others. So what do we do when it happens? The students gave beautiful answers to this question, including; walking away, forgetting about it, speaking to the person concerned and finally forgiving them. We spoke about the importance of speaking up, and telling the person not to continue that behaviour, in the memory that they have simply forgotten, like we all can, and need reminding of the natural way to live.

We finished with a clear message that if the behaviour continues over several days and reminders don’t work, then this becomes a bullying situation and it is important that they tell someone.

Peter Crompton


Speaker Series – Catherine Austin Fitts – Saturday 23/5 – 4 – 6pm – Auckland Business School

Distinguished international speaker, Catherine Austin Fitts who is a highly respected global economist will be speaking this Saturday at 4pm – the topic is Global Rebalancing – What is it?  Why is it happening?  If you can make it, we would be delighted to have your support.  All proceeds from the event go towards helping to fund scholarships and bursaries.

Teacher Only Day – Friday 29th May & Queen’s Birthday Holiday – Monday 1st June

The school will be closed next Friday 29th May for our Teacher Only Day and on Monday 1st June for the Queen’s Birthday holiday.

Meet the Board Evening – Monday 15th June

The Board would be delighted to have as many parents attending this event as possible.  Please note the date in your diary.  More details will follow.