School Newsletter Week 5, Term 1, 2015

There was an article in the Herald this week highlighting the importance of teaching “formal mathematics” to primary school students. This reminded me that not so long ago, individual subjects like mathematics used to be called disciplines. This is because they each train the mind in different ways.
The discipline of mathematics trains the mind in one way whereas the discipline of Drawing for example is quite a different training. It is obviously important at Primary level that a student is exposed to a wide range of disciplines so they have a broad and strong foundation to build on.

However current educational theories and practices favour co-curricular project activities with learning objectives co-constructed by the teachers and students. This is the very antithesis of the idea of a subject being a discipline. The root of the word discipline is similar to that of disciple and means to follow. Furthermore children at primary age naturally follow. Disciplines are good for them and given the opportunity provide clarity to their thinking. This is an important asset in the preparation for the next stage of schooling. Evidence shows that the geometry, algebra and formal mathematics being taught at Ficino is providing an excellent platform on which our students can move forward with confidence.

Peter Crompton


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Athletics Day – Wednesday 18th March – Mt Smart Stadium
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Rachel Setters
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