School Newsletter Week 4, Term 2, 2015

This week our senior students walked to Eden Village, one of the local retirement homes, for their termly concert.  Their visits are greatly appreciated by the residents and the popularity of the performances is growing.  In the early days the number in the audience was in single figures, but word has got around and about thirty attended this latest concert. The poise and steadiness of the Ficino children was remarked upon by the teachers present.

The opportunities for our students to perform and learn to speak in public are many.  Right from Year One, they stand up in assemblies and ask questions in front of the whole school.  Next week we have Class Two’s production of the Spirit Play, which is their first public dramatic performance, and the first on the new school stage.  Confidence in public speaking and performances is undoubtedly a gift for life.  Later this year, we can look forward to an Assembly performance of Cinderella by Class Three, Perseus and the Gorgon by Class Four, the Nativity Play by Class Two again and of course our biennial Shakespeare Play of A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by our Year Seven and Eight students.  Through all these opportunities the students invariably have to step outside their comfort zone and simply give of themselves to the class and to their audience.

It was a pleasure at our Friday assembly to award four of our senior students prefect badges.  These are given out in recognition of their ability to uphold the School Values, be responsive to the needs of others and demonstrate leadership.

Peter Crompton


Class 2 Play about Spirit – Wednesday 20th May – 11am – All welcome

The gods grew very boastful about winning a great victory and were having a feast to celebrate.  A mysterious person entered the festivities and they sent Fire and Wind to find out who he was.  They could not discover who he was. In the end Wisdom showed them that it is only through Spirit that they could do anything.  All parents and friends are welcome to come to the Play in the school hall.

School Tour – Thursday 21st May – 9.15am – 10.30am

If you know anyone who would be interested in coming to look at the school, please let them know they are welcome to attend once they have booked through the school office.  Thank you.

Speaker Series – Catherine Austin Fitts – Saturday 23/5 – 4 – 6pm – Auckland Business School

An invitation was sent to parents this week from the Ficino Educational Foundation to hear a distinguished international speaker, Catherine Austin Fitts who is a highly respected global economist. The topic is Global Rebalancing – What is it?  Why is it happening?  We look forward to seeing you at this event.  If you have family, friends, work colleagues who you think would be interested, please forward the invitation and poster on to them or share it on Facebook. Thank you.

Traffic Safety – Morning Drop-off

Please be reminded that children should only be dropped off on the main school door side of the fountain.  This ensures they don’t have to cross any moving traffic. Please also remember to remain in or beside your vehicle in the traffic queue in the afternoon. Thank you for your cooperation.

Pre-School Survey

Thank you for your responses to our pre-school survey.  We had around thirty responses which will be very helpful as we progress this enterprise.