School Newsletter Week 4, Term 1, 2015

Message from the Principal

In assembly this week, we looked at the founding statement with which St James School in London, and by association Ficino School began.  This statement has been formed into a Creed by one of our sister schools in Australia and is said by them each morning.  “We are here to learn about God, Man, the Universe and our relationship to them; by which we may fulfil our bond to remember the Creator, to abide by the fine regulations of the Creation, and to return to the Absolute”.  Although the language contains some archaisms  the children readily responded with excellent questions; in particular, what is Absolute?

As we explored this together, we took a simple object – a wooden chair with a leather seat.  The children explained that wood came from trees and the leather from a cow; and we discovered that the same five basic elements are needed for a tree to grow and for a cow to live: space, air, water, fire and earth.  In fact these are the five depicted in the beautiful pictures on the walls of the hall, painted by Ngaire Bennett and donated to the school over a number of years. With a little further consideration these five elements can be seen to be the basic building blocks of everything in the Creation.  When the mind is directed to that which unites, this gives some indication of what is meant by “returning to the Absolute”.

Peter Crompton


Open Morning – Saturday 14th March – 9.30am – noon
The children have brought home a letter today giving more details of our Open Morning.  Could you please return the reply slip to class teachers on Monday 2nd March.  Thank you.

Athletics Day – Wednesday 18th March – Mt Smart Stadium
Thank you for all your offers of help on the day.   Please would you return your consent and assistance forms on Monday if you have not already returned them.  Thank you.
Rachel Setters

Parents Lunch – Classes 6, 7 & 8 – Friday 6th March – 12.30pm
Thank you for all the reply slips received.  If you have not replied, but would still like to come, please return this on Monday. Thank you.

Fundraising Samosas – Orders due back on Friday 6th March
Samosa order forms have been sent home with the children today and are due back by Friday 6th March. Orders need to be collected on Wednesday 11th March at 3pm.

Alumni update
Congratulations to our past pupils who have gone on to attend Mount Albert Grammar School in 2015. All five Ficino School graduates were placed in the top streams, with four of them being accelerated into Year 10 programmes.  This is a very pleasing outcome and recognises the excellent foundation that has been provided and the hard work they have put in. We would be delighted to hear how other graduates are faring.