School Newsletter Week 2, Term 3, 2015

The philosopher, Marsilio Ficino, after whom our school is named, as well as being a priest, doctor and writer was a lover of Plato and translated all his works from Greek into Latin. In his numerous letters, Ficino often draws on the teachings of Plato and shares them in a most beautiful way with his friends and leading Florentines of his day. In our first assembly of this term, we explored one such letter, entitled The Way of Happiness. In it Ficino explores the idea that it is fortunate to be born with innate gifts and talents but stresses the importance of making use of them. For without using our talents they surely wither in potency. Ficino goes even further, following Plato’s lead, to suggest that it is not just using our talents that leads to acting well and thus happiness, but it is using them rightly. Without rightful use we may act badly which undoubtedly leads to unhappiness. In the assembly, it was explained to the children that everyone has gifts and therefore it is incumbent on us all to learn how to use them wisely. Ficino’s conclusion is that ultimately this is the only route to real happiness. Part of any good education then must be an attempt to draw out the innate wisdom in children such that they know to act well. Ficino suggests that this should be the foremost pursuit in life and that from it all else will follow, especially happiness. This is reminiscent of Christ’s words “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.

If you are interested in finding out more about Marsilio Ficino, the office has copies of a new fundraising book An Introduction to Marsilio Ficino which contains a selection of his letters.

In our Friday assembly, the whole school was treated to an exploration of the wonder of Science by Mr Ian Milne. He quoted Socrates who said “wonder is the beginning of understanding”. Mr Milne proceeded to arouse that sense of awe and wonder which can be found in the everyday things around us, if we only take time to look and to ask questions. Many thanks to Mr Milne for judging our Science Fair again this year.

Peter Crompton


Parent Teacher Interviews – Week 3 – Monday 10 August

A reminder that the school day will finish for the children after lunch.  Please collect your children from school at 12.45pm on Monday.  There will be no After School Care.  The 15 minute interviews for Classes 1 – 6 will be held in your child’s classroom, and the 10 minute Year 7 & 8 interviews will be in the school hall as per previous years.

Traffic Queues

As you will no doubt be aware, keeping the traffic flow through the school at afternoon dismissal is vital in preventing any build-ups on View Road.  Please be reminded

  • Not to leave your car unattended in the traffic queue at any time, and
  • For safety reasons, children must not walk between the cars and the side of the villa during afternoon dismissal, even when accompanied by an adult.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Cross Country Runs – Wednesday 12 August

Thank you for all the offers of help for the Cross Country Runs next week.  If you have offered to help, Mrs Setters will send you an email confirming where you will be helping.  We will send an email out to parents by 10.30am on Wednesday if the event needs to be postponed due to wet weather.

Music Competition – Thursday 13 August

We have received a large number of applications and look forward to the Competition on Thursday.  If anyone learning an instrument outside Ficino School has not yet put in an application, please give this to Mrs Brickland on Monday.  Thank you.

Photolife School Photos – Friday 14 August

Sibling envelopes are available at the school office.  There will be no assembly on Friday as the photographers will be using the hall to set up for the photos.  Sports teams photos are scheduled first, at approximately 9am, so please make sure that all children in hockey, netball and ski teams bring their full team uniform to school.  Please could coaches and managers be available if possible for the photos.  Music ensemble children should bring their instruments.  All children should wear their school blazers.  Thank you.

Friends of Ficino Fun Run – Sunday 9 August

Thank you to those families who have registered for Sunday’s Family Fun Run.  We are looking forward to seeing you and your family at Milford Beach Reserve, Craig Road, Milford on Sunday morning.  If the event has to be cancelled due to inclement weather we will email by 9.00am on Sunday morning.  If you have any doubt as to whether it is on or not please check your emails at this time.
Any questions or queries please email Mrs Watkins