Preschool Testimonials

Families are such an important part of the Ficino Preschool community, and we value the input and involvement they have with us.  We’d love to share some of the comments we have received from parents:

  • “Thank you to all you lovely, amazing, warm-hearted teachers who selflessly go above and beyond what you are expected to do, you have made my son’s experience of preschool so amazing that I can see his hunger for more!  It’s the start that every child deserves. I cannot thank you enough – from the bottom of my heart – thank you!”
  • “We’ve been very pleased with the Preschool.  We can’t believe our son has only been with you for this short period of time, as we feel very embedded and happy in the Ficino Preschool community.”
  • “I wish to thank you for your care of our daughter since she joined you.  It has been such a wonderful experience for her… You have made our whole family feel welcome and provided many opportunities for us to be involved in celebrating many important cultural events as a community.”
  • “As our son’s time at Ficino Preschool nears an end, I wanted to take the time to thank you and the entire team for everything you have done for our boy.  At Ficino Preschool and under Irene’s leadership, our son (as a special needs child) has been accepted, supported, cherished and loved by the entire team.”

What is the value of a Ficino Preschool Education?

  • The biggest value for me is it’s values based! This is reflected in all the children at this preschool, where they are taught to make good choices – to use their brains, be kind, gather and process information and act in a way that brings out the best in each other.
  • A thoughtful considered approach to the children’s education
  • The attention the children receive from staff
  • The transition to school programme that focuses on preparing each child for their next step

What will you remember about us?

  • The kind, amazing, empathetic teachers who acknowledge every single child and parent as they arrive, as well farewell when they leave.
  • The tables always ready with various activities to stimulate the mind – puzzles on one, drawings and shapes on others; duplo, wooden blocks and yoga mats on the floor; tents outside with colourful cushions; books never far away, and costumes box ready.
  • The little book with funny/quotes/sayings by the children during the day as noted by the teachers.
  • The warm welcome we receive every morning when we arrive at Preschool.  It’s been there since our very first interaction.
  • The sense of calm we find at the Preschool, even though it’s full of young children

What are some highlights of your child’s time here?

  • The drama-free/tear-free drop offs when I leave knowing my son is 100% present and happy in his environment!
  • The moment he told me he didn’t want to spend Fridays with mummy anymore but would rather be at preschool with his friends…
  • Regular visits to the school library and story reading have made her an enthusiastic lover of books
  • His interest in bugs, dinosaurs and bones which has been spurred by interests from other children!
  • When he tells me he loves school so much! Warms my heart.
  • The teachers!
  • Our son being so happy and relaxed
  • The opportunities our daughter has had to do dance, gymnastics and use the tennis courts.  Mastering the monkey bars is her proudest achievement!
  • The many trips the Preschool has offered – her first theatre show, Kelly Tarlton’s and Auckland Library

What would you say our strengths are?

  • The fact that children are happy, they are acknowledged, they are listened to, that their brains are stimulated with healthy activity.
  • That every single child that attends is given a chance to be themselves and all are embraced with the sense of belonging.
  • The attention to the individual child by the teachers

Which skills were developed in your child?

  • Problem-solving through puzzles and materials provided
  • An ability to present and explain his creations
  • An improvement and understanding of writing and the phonetics of letters
  • Determination in seeing things completed
  • Patience when things have been too difficult without getting frustrated
  • Independence and confidence in his own abilities as a little person
  • A well-rounded complement from inquiry and observation, leadership and respect, creative and musical skills

Which social skills were developed?

  • The confidence to communicate with friends and teachers without looking away, not speaking, or hiding behind mummy.
  • Most importantly, kindness and care towards others
  • The confidence to make new friends, play in a group setting.
  • A sense of compassion  and empathy
  • Consideration of others
  • Being better at resolving conflict and negotiating i.e. standing up for himself
  • Definitely more independent and less reliant on mummy!

What do you think your child has been opened up to?

  • A world of new found abilities, a circle of new friends all with various interests, an eagerness to learn more and the excitement of all this rolled into one so he is ready to make a big bang as a 5 year old in Mrs Crompton’s classroom minus the fear of “starting big school” because preschool was so amazing, he wants more of the same!
  • Eating vegetables!  He now has an interest in different vegetables and eating them which has been a battle in the past!
  • Children from a range of cultures and the celebration of those cultures within preschool
  • Our daughter has blossomed under your care and we are very grateful that you have shown so much thought and care in helping her be her best self.