We truly believe in the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”. We work in partnership with families to lay the foundation for your child’s wellbeing and success. Open communication is vital and parents and whanau are actively encouraged to participate in preschool life. Together, we want to foster the Ficino values of truthfulness, respect, resilience, responsibility and obedience.

By regularly exchanging ideas and experiences with parents, we will help children to feel secure in the link between home and school. When the children understand that the adults around them share consensus on routines, social customs, and acceptable behaviours, their sense of integration and belonging is enhanced.

Our door is always open. We share information with you through your child’s portfolio and informal and formal catch ups. Your child’s portfolio will capture their learning experiences at Preschool; it helps us to assess what your child can do, what they currently know and their interests, as well as containing regular photographic diary entries of their work and play, and samples of new projects. Feedback on your child’s progress at home is also welcome as it helps us to plan your child’s next developmental step. Parents contributions in their child’s portfolio are always welcomed and valued.

Parents will also be invited to contribute to our Programme Reviews.

The wider Ficino community

Ficino Montessori Preschool enjoys the friendship and support of Ficino School. There are many opportunities for the preschool children to benefit from this close bond. Preschool children and their families will be invited to social and sporting events, plays, school fairs, the Christmas Carol service and other special occasions.

The Ficino Montessori Preschool is governed by the Ficino School Board of Trustees.