Our Preschool Staff

We have a number of full-time and part-time staff at the Preschool which ensures we are able to offer the best teacher to child ratios for your child.

Our staff are registered teachers who have many years experience, and a love of, working with children.

Dimuthu Jayawardena – Preschool Teacher
Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Montessori Diploma
Primary Education Diploma
Advanced certificate in Preschool Education
Trained Art Teacher
Certified Scout Trainer
Accounting & Marketing (Partly Qualified)

I developed an interest in childhood development after the birth of my first child. The first five years of a child’s life are fundamental and create an important foundation for their future successes. I undertook early childhood education and further training in Montessori, Art Teacher Education and Primary Education before beginning my first job at The British (International) School in Sri Lanka. I worked as the main class teacher and became involved with art exhibitions, productions, sports, music, dance and scouts. The turmoil of civil war in Sri Lanka resulted in my family relocating to New Zealand where I completed my studies in Early Childhood Education. I went on to work in several preschools that were inspired by Montessori, Reggio philosophy, and free play.

I completed my Art Teacher training at a prestigious art school and believe that art can be an early form of literacy which benefits children in terms of communication, abstract thinking, and therapeutic value. I am passionate about developing literacy and numeracy skills for children using mixed media in art. I am also interested in using my Montessori background and Primary Education to promote practical life skills, sensorial, literacy and social science knowledge as building bricks before formal school. I also believe children’s social skills, collaboration, empathy, leadership and selflessness are the values that need to integrate in their daily experiences.

I believe a child’s lifelong learning journey starts at home and I look forward to working alongside our parents to continue their journey.

Lesley Liang – Registered Teacher
Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education)
Bachelor of Business in Finance and Marketing
AMI Montessori 0-3 Assistance Certificate
First Aid Certificate

I came from Guangzhou, China and started living in Auckland in 2011. I studied Finance and Marketing in Auckland University of Technology and gained my Bachelor of Business Degree in 2015. Not long after my graduation, I started working in an education group as a marketing coordinator to promote their Montessori ECE centres and other businesses. Due to the nature of my job, I took on more responsibilities, like administration and reliever tasks for the centres. During those five years of time, I gained valuable experience about interaction with children, Montessori philosophy, the operation of ECE centres and so much more.  That was how I started my journey in Early Childhood Education.

With the encouragement of my former employer (also a good friend of mine), I started my Graduate Diploma in Teaching course with New Zealand Tertiary College and gained my qualification in May 2021. I worked full time as a teacher in a Montessori centre during my study, and I did my practicum in a Reggio inspired centre in the meantime. The experience helped me learnt more about different educational philosophies and expand my knowledge about various teaching strategies.

I believe that every child benefit from different teaching strategies, and I will keep improving my practices to suit the children’s need. I also believe that all children should be nurtured in a safe and loving environment. I will ensure all children have equitable learning opportunities to ignite their potential.