Message from the Principal – 22 August 2014

DSCF5095On Thursday this week, the annual Class 4 Play took place.  This year they performed ‘The Story of Theseus’, a play written by Peter Weigall, a long standing English and Drama teacher at our sister school St James in London. Theseus represents an ideal of kingly nobility. He is courageous, but also compassionate – he understands the fear his fellows feel, but assures them that fear is there to be overcome not submitted to. He listens and seeks advice when necessary, and he has a strong sense of duty. This is most obvious in his actions aimed at ridding his people of the monsters which hang over them and inhibit their freedom. Theseus is also fallible; his memory fails him when he forgets to put the white sail up on his return to Athens leading to his father’s grief-stricken fall from the cliff. However his fallibility is only in his mind but not his heart. His courage, his steadiness and his resolve remain utterly constant throughout the play.

There are two lines which stood out for me both spoken by Theseus.

“There is nothing that cannot be resolved by reason” and “the gods of reason and courage will show us the way”.

These direct us to an understanding of the symbolism in the story. Myths such as this one don’t last for thousands of years without some substance that goes beyond a simple story of a brave prince with a sad ending. The labyrinth where the minotaur lives, represents the many paths life can take us on; and in order not to get lost in them, one needs Adriadne’s cord. This symbolises the thread of reason, which everyone has access to, and which connects us to our spiritual centre.  Without this we might wander for hundreds of years in the circular paths and dead ends of the labyrinth of life. The combination of reason and courage allow Theseus to rid his people of the last pall that hangs over them and return to Athens as their king.

It is a great story and the class should be proud of all the work they have put in.  Their speech was clear, they worked together and with Mr Hudson’s direction, gave an outstanding performance.

Peter Crompton


Cross Country Awards Assembly – Friday 29th August  -8.30am

Parents are invited to the Cross Country Awards Assembly on Friday 29th August in the school hall.

Grandparents Morning – Thursday 4th September – School Hall

Grandparents and friends of students are warmly invited to a Grandparents Morning Tea in the school hall. Morning tea will be served at 9.30am, followed by a welcome from the Principal and an address by Mr Bruce Watson from the Ficino Educational Foundation. Grandparents and friends will then accompany the children to their classrooms. This will be followed by a celebration of singing, recitation, performance, prayers and hymns. To help with catering and preparation
please RSVP to Leah Ashton – phone 623 3385 or email by Monday 1st September.

FoF Best of British Bingo Night – Saturday 6th September – from 7pm – School Hall

Come along for a fun-filled evening of British Pomp, Ceremony and BINGO!  Fabulous food and beverages and great prizes to be won. Tickets which can be booked at reception are $20 which includes entry and one bingo card. Invite family and friends to make up a table of 6 or 8.  All proceeds go to the Renaissance trip and the drama stage upgrade. EPTPOS will be available on the night.

Friends of Ficino

Hockey & Netball Assembly – Moved to Week 1, Term 4

The Hockey and Netball Assembly which was scheduled for the final Friday of this term, has been moved to Week One next term as the senior classes will be away on the Renaissance trip.

Storylines Festival Week – Children’s Writers and Illustrators – 23rd – 31st August

There are lots of writers, illustrators, storytellers and performers ready to share the excitement of books and reading with children, their families and communities. There are two family days as follows:

Saturday 30th August at the Vodafone Events Centre, Manukau, 10am – 3pm

Sunday 31st August at the Aotea Centre, Central Auckland, 10am – 3pm

Details about the programme, workshops, competitions and the family days can be found at

Ficino School Netball

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Ficino Ferns Bye
Ficino Blue 12 ANI 10 Win


Ficino School Hockey

HOCKEY RESULT TABLE –  Saturday 7th June   

Ficino Tigers




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Ficino Pumas 2 Diocesan Jellytips 0 Win
Ficino Jaguars 8 St Mary’s Primary Blue 1 Win
Ficino Strikers 9 Somerville Watts 1 Win


Ficino After School Care (FASC)

Please remember that all bookings for FASC need to be made through the school office either by email or by phone 6233385. Thank you.

Assemblies on Friday

All parents are invited to attend the school assembly on Fridays. See the calendar for Commendation and Good Works assemblies.

Uniform Shop – Open on Tuesdays

The School Uniform shop will be open on Tuesdays from 2.30 until 3.15.