School Newsletter Week 3, Term 1, 2015

It was delightful to see so many of you at our Parents Evening on Monday.  There was an excellent buzz of conversation and meeting of minds throughout the evening.  A number of you reported that you enjoyed the address at the beginning on ‘Resilience, Growth Mindsets and the Problems of Over-parenting’.  If you would like to know more about Growth Mindsets, I could do no better than direct you to the website .  This is the creation of the discoverer of the concept of mindsets, Stamford University Psychologist, Carol Dweck.  In summary the fixed mindset is one where we assume our faculties, particularly intelligence, are static and we fall into the trap of documenting our intelligence rather than developing it.  The growth mindset on the other hand is where we take the view that our talents are a starting point, and that these can be developed through effort and perseverance.  As Carol Dweck states “This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.  Virtually all great people have had these qualities.”


The second part of the talk on over-parenting outlined the phenomenon where “well-intentioned, devoted, loving, intelligent parents feel powerless to stop themselves from over-indulging, over-protecting and over-scheduling their children … and unwittingly allow traits like self-reliance, resilience, accountability and a spirit of adventure slip to the bottom of our parenting priority list.”  If you would like to find out more about how to avoid this trap, the following website created by Dr Wendy Mogal has some useful tips –  The last slide on the talk which we ran out of time for was a quote from Nelson Mandela “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but on rising every time we fall”.


Finally, in order to help our students build resilience, it was asked that children from Year 3 upwards be dropped off in the mornings and allowed to enter the school buildings on their own.  If you wish to speak to the teacher please email them and if it is urgent copy this to the office, or organise a meeting after school.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Peter Crompton





School Picnic – Sunday 22nd February – Long Bay – 10 – 2pm (Beach Clean up 9am – 10am)

We look forward to seeing as many families as possible at the school picnic.  If you would like to help with the beach clean up, but haven’t return your form, you can just turn up at 9am and join in.  Thank you.


Ficino Running Club – Friday Mornings

Running club has started again for the year.

Who:  Children from Year 5 upwards and their parents are welcome to come.

(Younger brothers or sisters of these children are able to come if their parent is running with us).

When:  Friday morning.  We leave at 7.00am so please be there 5-10 minutes before.

Wear:  School sports uniform

Breakfast is provided afterwards.  Please bring a gold coin donation to put towards the costs.

This year we would also like to be able to have some left over money to support buying sports shoes for children in Auckland who live in situations where they cannot afford to buy new ones.   If you have any questions please email Mrs Watkins  or Mrs Leathley at .


Football Kidz Skills Clinic – Starts on Tuesday 24th February

Thank you for returning your forms for this after school activity which begins next week and runs from 3.05 pm until 3.50pm on the tennis courts.  Children should wear their PE clothes and shoes.  The children in Classes 1 and 2 will be helped with changing before 3pm and the older children can change at 2.55pm.  The children who are participating will be collected by the instructors from the villa verandah.


Athletics Day – Wednesday 18th March – Mt Smart Stadium

The children have been given a letter this week to take home with details of the Athletics Day at Mt Smart Stadium on Wednesday 18th March.  Please would you return your consent and assistance forms by Thursday 26th February.  Thank you.


Friends of Ficino Meeting – Wednesday 25th February – 6.30pm

The Friends of Ficino coordinators are meeting in the front room downstairs of the villa at 6.30pm, on Wednesday 25th February 2015.  All are welcome to come along to hear what we are up to and participate in the meeting.  If you would like an agenda please call Carrene on 021 943 822 or send an email to  .  The main business will be all about the Fair!


Parents Lunch – Classes 6, 7 & 8 – Friday 6th March

The children in these classes have brought home a notice about this today.  Please could you return the reply slip on the bottom of the notice by Friday 27th February if you are able to come.  Thank you.


Ficino After School Care (FASC)

Please remember that all bookings for FASC need to be made through the school office either by email or by phone 6233385.    Thank you.


Uniform Shop – Now Open on Wednesdays

Please note – the School Uniform shop will now be open on Wednesdays from 2.30 until 3.15.


Assemblies on Friday

All parents are invited to attend the school assembly on Fridays.  See the calendar on our website for Commendation and Good Works assemblies.