Ficino students vote in 2017 General Election

The NZ elections have been a hot topic across the country recently, and things were no different for Year 7 & 8 students at Ficino School in Mt Eden.  Ficino School took part in the Electoral Commission’s ‘Have your Say’ campaign, which got them interested in the democratic processes of our country.

Students initially researched the different types of electoral systems that our country has used in the past and currently, and the advantages and disadvantages of both the FPP and MMP systems.

These elections provided our students with the perfect forum in which to refine their investigative and analytical skills as they researched the issues the different parties were campaigning on.  They then got to decide on those that resonated most strongly with them.  As a class, the seven issues that they chose to focus on included:

  1. Environment
  2. Housing
  3. Health
  4. Immigration
  5. Economy
  6. Transport
  7. Tax

They have learnt about how they can influence what happens in their school and community as they engaged in debate over the issues that they collectively deemed important.

It was very interesting for staff to view the campaign issues through the eyes of future voters, and we are sure there have been some robust discussions over dinner as they debate their views with their families.

Students have relished the opportunity to learn more about New Zealand’s democratic system, and their rights, duties and responsibilities within this system.  We can be confident when it’s their turn to vote in future that they will utilise some of the skills they have learnt at Ficino School.