Ficino School’s athletic adventures

Ficino School educates the whole child, with its curriculum ensuring the body, mind and spirit are developed.  Not only do our students take part in some form of physical education every day, they also compete at interschool sports competitions where they are often ‘punching’ well above their weight considering the size of Ficino school in comparison to the size of those they are competing against.

Term 3 saw teams competing in several different disciplines and acquitting themselves well.  Ficino School has taken part in the North Island Primary Skiing Championships for several years now, and the team’s stellar performances continued in 2018.  Congratulations go to Boston Chandler who came 1st in a field of 140 competitors!

Cross country sees students competing across several different zones – first up is our school cross country in which all students take part.  Cross country is very much a ‘love it or hate it’ sport which gives all our students the opportunity to build character.  Teams of our star runners went on to compete at the Central Zones and Remuera Zones Cross Countries.

A team from Ficino School took part in the Champions of Champions Gymnastics competition where they received excellent feedback on their behaviour from other parents and spectators.  It is always nice to hear our students recognised for their good manners and behaviour at events such as these.

As a small school, we often compete in activities that allow for mixed teams of boys and girls.  Ficino School was well represented in Hockey and Netball at the Remuera Zone Field Days.

Like many of our extra-curricular sporting activities, a big thank you goes to our teachers and parent body for their involvement and support in these events.