Ficino School Vignettes – Term 2 ’17: Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’

The first in this series of vignettes explores life at Ficino School in Term 2 2017

Communication – Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’

Communication is at the heart of much that we all do, both in our schooling and in our wider lives.  It has been identified by employers as both an essential skill, and more recently, one that is increasingly underdeveloped in our world of electronic interaction.

Ficino School’s enriched curriculum was on show again this term with a variety of plays, speeches and assemblies that highlighted students’ communication skills, confidence and understanding of their subject matter.  It is rewarding for parents and teachers alike to watch the positive developments in a student’s character as they demonstrate teamwork, respect and a growing emotional maturity.

Class 4 delighted their audience of parents, students and staff as they depicted adventure, betrayal, temptation and enduring love in their rendition of Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’.

Year 7 & 8 students are already in the midst of rehearsals for their flagship performance of the biennial Shakespeare play.  ‘The Tempest’ will be performed in late September and is an engaging example of some of the benefits a Ficino education brings to our students.  Tickets for this production will be available shortly.

The Odyssey dress rehearsals