Ficino School studies Maori culture

Ficino School’s History, Myth and Culture syllabus embraces the exploration of many diverse cultures, histories, myths and legends.

New Zealand has a unique and rich culture of its own which our students are currently exploring.  Earlier this week, Ficino invited the Kahurangi Māori Dance Company to share several performances with our students.  These brought to life some of our classroom lessons, and allowed students to acknowledge, experience and gain greater understanding of Māori culture.

Performances included the teaching of some popular Māori myths and legends which the performers retold through drama, dance and song.

The interactive Te Reo Kori workshops allowed the children to learn some basic Māori movement skills using traditional implements such as poi and tītī tōrea (stick games).

Class Teacher, Carolyn Hanna, was full of praise for the performers noting that “…their passion, humor and knowledge of their culture was shared with our students in a way that has positively impacted on them”.

But the children tell it best!  In beautifully illustrated letters of thanks to the group, children were full of praise and conveyed the passion that they had obviously experienced during the performance:

“When I heard you sing, I felt warm”, “I would love to start doing what you do” and “You inspired me to speak up and be proud of whatever I’m doing”.

Ficino’s aim to develop a love of learning in our students was perhaps best captured by one student in a letter that questioned “…What legends are still out there?”.

Maori performance Maori performance1Maori stick games Class 4 pois