Ficino School students experience “A Comedy of Errors”

The return of another season of the popular Pop-Up Globe theatre enabled our lucky Year 6 – 8 classes to experience a professional production of one of Shakespeare’s earliest known works.

Ficino School students are exposed to the works of the great masters of literature throughout their years at Ficino as part of the English syllabus.  The rich language used by Shakespeare enriches the vocabulary of our students, and remain significant 400 years later for their part in the foundation of modern English.

‘A Comedy of Errors’ follows the nonsensical tale of a family separated by the forces of nature, and the difficulties the father has reuniting with them all.  A strange land, TWO sets of twins (his sons and their servants) sets the stage for confusion and mistaken identity.  A hilarious story, a fantastic cast and lots of ad-libbing and interaction with the audience made it a uniquely New Zealand experience for all involved.

Ficino School students relished the opportunity to experience a performance of a piece by this renowned playwright in an exact replica of his historic venue.  It provides them with a taste for the experiences to come when they undertake their Renaissance Trip to the United Kingdom and Europe, and experience a Shakespearean play in London’s Globe Theatre, rebuilt on the site of the original.