Ficino School Principal talks about Mindfulness

You may have heard about mindfulness quite a lot in the news lately.  Nigel Latta has been in the media recently talking about his TV series ‘The Curious Mind’.  Commenting that “If there’s one thing I could do it would be to introduce mindfulness into every school in the country.”

Mindfulness is essentially the power to attend and be present in the moment.  The fact is we live in a fast-moving world – we’re all subconsciously exposed to thousands of distractions each day.  Mindfulness allows us to bring focus, teaching us how to filter out those distractions and just ‘be’ in any moment.

Far from being the new ‘buzz-word’, the benefits of mindfulness are nothing new to Ficino School.  It has been included as an essential part of its primary school programme for over 20 years now.

See Ficino School’s principal, Peter Crompton, on The Café where he appeared recently to discuss Mindfulness.