Ficino School Letter Week 9, Term 3, 2016

Term 3 draws to a close this evening, with the Year 7 and 8 students attending their second Renaissance Trip preparation sleepover.  They depart during the holidays and will not return to School until Week 4 next term.  This is a formidable adventure into the heart of both Italian and English Renaissances, one which displayed itself more in Art and one more in Literature; but both were the result of a revival of classical culture of which Marsilio Ficino was a leading light.  He translated the whole corpus of Plato’s work from Greek into Latin, thus bringing the heart of ancient wisdom into Fifteenth Century Europe.  He directly inspired Botticelli, Michaelangelo, Raphael, Titian and Durer. Although largely unknown today, Marsilio Ficino was one of the intellectual giants of European history.

This week we had our Founder’s Day Assembly when the leader of the School of Philosophy spoke to the children about our Founder, Leon MacLaren.  Barrie Preston spoke particularly about the realisation that Leon MacLaren had at the age of 16, when he came to the conclusion that there was such a thing as truth and justice, and that they could be discovered and taught.  At 21 years old he set about his life’s work in that vein.  Ficino School’s educational principles are a direct legacy of his inspiration and dedication.

Finally, in the last newsletter of this term, I would like to draw to your attention an interesting article which was passed to me by one of our parents.  It tells the story of a boy’s addiction to technology, how it came about and why this can happen.  The internet is a wonderful tool but too much exposure to screens at a young age, under 10 years old, can have a devastating effect on brain development.

I wish you all a restful holiday.  The School will be in Mrs Brickland’s capable hands until my return from the Renaissance Trip in Week 4 of next term.

Peter Crompton




Teacher Only Day

Please be reminded that there is no school on Monday 10th October as this is a teacher only day, and the first day of Term 4 for students is Tuesday 11th October.

Spelling Bee Result

Mrs Hanna reports that the amount raised by the school from this event is $3,065.80 and rising!  We thank everyone for their support in both helping the children learn their words and in collecting sponsors.  The Spelling Bee was a great success as both a fundraiser and a means to expand your children’s vocabulary.

Mufti Day

On Tuesday this week the senior students organised the Mufti Day in aid of the Breast Cancer Foundation. They raised $234.00 from the gold coin donations received which was a very good result.

2016 Music Competition

The following are the prizes awarded at this week’s Music Competition (please click on link below):

Place getters

Margaret Brickland
Head of Music

Auckland Marathon – Sunday 30/10

Students aged 7 years and older can compete in the Auckland Marathon on Sunday 30th October, by running this in stages.  A notice went hom with the children last week with further details.

Ficino School Library- Book Donations

Thank you very much for your support with book donations for the school library.  There are still 12 books we would like to purchase for your children, so if you are interested, you can come and choose from the book list which is at reception.  Thank you.

Trampoline Park Fundraiser

72 students took part in this event last week and everyone agreed it was a great success and a very enjoyable evening for all who were involved.  $1,137 was raised towards the Renaissance Trip and we are very grateful to parents Kirk Bayvel and Clementine Ogilvie-Lee for giving us free access to their Trampoline Park.