Ficino School Letter Week 8, Term 4, 2016

Many of the cycles in creation run from Rest to Activity to Rest again.  The seasons are an example of this, and our School year follows a similar pattern.  At this time of year, just before the Christmas break, the School is a hive of activity with camps, the Nativity Play and Concert, the Carol Service and Prize Giving.  One of the greatest things we offer the children is the ability to find Rest throughout the Activity. This is done regularly with the Pause which the children practise several times a day before and after each lesson.

This is not only a busy time at School, but all of us rise to an hiatus of activity as Christmas looms.  We could all usefully use a Pause occasionally and especially now.  The practice at school is based on a very simple exercise which connects the mind with the senses.  It starts with the sense of touch; feeling our feet on the floor, then the gentle touch of the clothes on the skin, from there we can become aware of the play of air on the face and hands; then we can simply connect with the breath, allowing the body to breathe itself – it knows what to do, and become aware of any smells that might be present. Finally we can connect with the sense of listening, not to those thoughts which turn and turn in our minds, but to the sounds around us just letting them rise and fall from the silence.  Rest for a few moments in listening.

As this is the last newsletter of the year, we wish you all a Merry Christmas from the staff and students at the school.

Peter Crompton


Carol Service – Tuesday 6th December

We look forward to seeing you all at our annual Christmas Carol Service at St Barnabas Church at 6.45pm on Tuesday 6th December.  The children should meet their class teacher outside the church at 6.25pm in full uniform, including blazers.  At the conclusion of the service, children will be handed over to their parents and after that, everyone is welcome to refreshments in the church hall.

Prize Giving – Friday 9th December – 9.30am

Children need to be taken directly to the Mt Eden War Memorial and should arrive by 9.10am.
The event commences at 9.30am and the expected finishing time of formal proceedings is 11am.  Afterwards, everyone is welcome to light refreshments in the foyer.  This will finish by 12 noon.

Friends of Ficino Christmas Treats Fundraiser

Thank you for your orders for the Friends of Ficino Christmas Treats fundraiser.  Your orders need to be collected on Wednesday 7th December between 2.30pm and 3.30pm from the car park at the back of the villa.  Christmas trees can still be ordered by emailing Tanya Hyams-Young at

Calendars, Cards and Tea Towels Fundraiser

Thank you very much for your support with the calendars, cards and tea towels fundraiser.  You have helped to raise in excess of $1600 which will go towards the 2018 Renaissance Trip and playground enhancement.