Ficino School Letter Week 8, Term 2, 2017

In a world where the media are reporting calamity after calamity, many of them engineered by human beings, the subject of raising wise children is an important quest for every parent and educator.  At Ficino, all our students from Year 1 to Year 8 have a weekly philosophy lesson. The word philosophy literally means the love of wisdom.  So what exactly is wisdom and can it really be taught?  A good working definition of wisdom from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary and Thesaurus is ‘the ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgements’.  Wisdom is that elusive quality that is needed to live life well.

Can it be taught to children is an interesting question?  It probably can’t be taught as such but it can be drawn out; and our philosophy lessons provide this opportunity.  One of our five years olds recently said ‘wisdom is knowing the good’, and an even younger student in the Preschool offered that ‘to be wise you need to be patient’.  If the atmosphere is made available and time given, wisdom has the opportunity to emerge in a simple and pure way.  The proposition is that wisdom is innate in every human being and it is just a matter of drawing it out. Fostering the Arts such as Dance, Drama, Music and Art are another way of allowing the wisdom within to flower.  These subjects involve the heart and help develop emotional intelligence which provides children with an appreciation of the good and the beautiful.

Peter Crompton



Class 4 Play – Friday 30th June – 11am – 12noon & 3.30 – 4.30pm

Class Four is presenting The Odyssey – Trials of Odysseus. This is the story of his long voyage home after the Trojan wars to reunite himself with his wife and son.  Cursed by Poseidon and helped by Athena, Odysseus needs all his wits to find his way home. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the play.

Mufti Day – Tuesday 27/6 – LifePod Fundraiser

We would like to inform you that on Tuesday 27th June there will be a mufti day.  The money raised will go towards our goal of $2000 to fund a LifePod incubator which will go to a country which cannot afford it.  Every student is welcome to bring a donation towards the incubator, which is greatly appreciated. A letter giving more information is coming home with the children this evening. Thank you for your support.
Vishwas and Pearl – Head Boy and Head Girl

Term Dates for 2018

The term dates for 2018 can now be found on the school website