Ficino School Letter Week 7, Term 2, 2017

Sir Ray Avery fully engaged students, parents and teachers at our Assembly this morning.  Despite his challenging childhood, he is an exceptionally grounded man. His address to the students journeyed over quite a range of human behaviours and endeavour.  Born in England, Sir Ray felt he had arrived home when he first set foot in New Zealand over forty years ago.  He described three aspects of the New Zealand character that make us unique and free to push the boundaries like no other country.  Firstly New Zealanders don’t like rules which he explained helps us overcome fear.  Second, we are never content with the status quo – if something’s not working we change it; and thirdly New Zealanders love making things.  Sir Ray went on to describe many different inventions created by New Zealanders that are used the world over.  One example is Colin Murdoch, who invented the disposable hypodermic syringe; the idea coming from his use of a matchstick to force the final remnants of ink out of his ballpoint pen.

Sir Ray stated that although we are very good at inventing things, we are not so good at talking about them.  He went on to describe New Zealander Richard Pearse who achieved a certain level of powered flight (although not sustained) some months before the Wright Brothers in 1903, but never really told anyone except a few local friends.

One of Sir Ray’s recurring themes is the importance of planning.  He says he has worked out based on the average human lifespan, how many days he has left to live and described how he is going to use them to help the world; to leave it a better place than he found it.  He said to the students that to achieve anything, all they need to do is decide, plan and then use their skills of observation to help others.

Peter Crompton


Class 4 Play – Friday 30th June – 11am – 12noon & 3.30 – 4.30pm

Class Four is presenting The Odyssey – Trials of Odysseus. This is the story of his long voyage home after the Trojan wars to reunite himself with his wife and son.  Cursed by Poseidon and helped by Athena, Odysseus needs all his wits to find his way home. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the play.

Mufti Day – Tuesday 27/6 – LifePod Fundraiser

We would like to inform you that on Tuesday 27th June there will be a mufti day.  The money raised will go towards our goal of $2000 to fund a LifePod incubator which will go to a country which cannot afford it.  Every student is welcome to bring a donation towards the incubator, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.
Vishwas and Pearl – Head Boy and Head Girl