Ficino School Letter Week 7, Term 2, 2016

The Information Evening for parents run by Lynne Walder from Polkadot Coaching which was held last night was very well received, with thirty-three parents and staff attending. An important link was made between being mindful, (i.e. being aware of those around you, having empathy, being aware of one’s emotions and thoughts through reading the signals in the body) and being able to develop a high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which helps develop self awareness, self control and resilience.

The participants were given a list of tips to building resilient children which included allowing them to take risks, giving them responsibilities, teaching them to feel the fear and do it anyway, giving them problems to solve, helping them to create a positive mental attitude and encouraging them never to give up.

Peter Crompton



Board/Parent Evening –  Postponed

Unfortunately the evening scheduled for next Monday 20th June has been postponed until next term due to the low number of parents able to attend.   Parents have been sent a separate email this afternoon.

Friends of Ficino Movie Night – School Hall – Saturday – Sold Out!

All the tickets have been sold, so there will be no door sales.
Doors open at 4.30pm
Bring cash for refreshments

Thank you for supporting this event.

Spirit Play –  Class 2 – Friday 24th June – 11am to 11.45am

The gods grew very boastful about winning a great victory and were having a feast to celebrate.  A mysterious person entered the festivities and they sent Fire and Wind to find out who he was.  They could not discover who he was.  In the end Wisdom showed them that it is only through Spirit that they could do anything.
All parents and friend are welcome to come along and enjoy the Spirit Play.

City Mission Winter Canned food Appeal – Next Week

If your family would like to contribute, please put your canned food donations in the box in your child’s classroom next week.  Thank you for your support.