Ficino School Letter Week 7, Term 1, 2016

At this time of year, as the good weather hangs on through early autumn, we provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. This week has been particularly fully of educational trips. The younger classes visited Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium early in the week, and Class 3 have now gone on their Kumeu farm camp; this is a first time for many to experience sleeping in tents. Class 5 & 6 had their annual two day visit to the Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC) up at Long Bay. This is an opportunity to experience working as a team and be challenged to overcome perceived fears and see them for what they are, imposters in the mind. This is a different kind of education than that in the classroom and different attributes in each student come to the fore. It gives a refreshing picture of a class, when the usual roles students adopt in the classroom are often reversed.

One of the principles on which Ficino School was founded, along with its sister schools around the world was to greet every child freshly each day, ‘as if for the first time’. This is very freeing for both the student and the teacher. Each day can begin afresh. Camps and trips help to ensure the view is always being renewed, as well as being excellent experiences for rounding the growing characters of our students.

Peter Crompton


Easter Church Service – Wednesday 23/3 – 2pm

All parents are invited to come to our Easter Church Service at St Barnabas Church (Corner of Mt Eden and Bellevue Roads) on Wednesday 23rd March at 2pm.  Children may be collected directly from the church after the service, or from school as usual at 3pm.

Easter Holiday – No School on Tuesday 29th March

Just a reminder that there is no school on Tuesday 29th March as this is a holiday for staff and students at Ficino.

Athletics Day – Thursday 24 March

Thank you for your offers to help.  We look forward to seeing you at Mt Smart on Thursday.

Athletics Day – No After School Care

There will be no after school care after Athletics Day.  Parents are to collect their children directly from Mt Smart Stadium.

Parent/Teacher Interviews – Tuesday 12 April

Please note the change of day. The sign-up sheets will be available at reception from Wednesday 30th March. Children will need to be collected from school at 12.45pm on that day.  There will be no after school care available.

Ficino Fiesta – Working Bee – Wednesday 23 March – 6.30pm

The Fiesta team would really appreciate your help with the many, many jobs that need to be done before the Fiesta on Saturday 2nd April.  The working bee will be held in the school hall from 6.30pm next Wednesday 23rd March.  Thank you very much for your support.