Ficino School Letter Week 5, Term 4, 2017

One of the unique features of Ficino School is the study of Sanskrit.  As you know, the students begin learning it when they arrive and continue through to Year 8.  Sanskrit is a brilliant language to study at the Primary and Intermediate stage of education.  Being a source language for most Indo-European languages including English, Sanskrit provides an excellent foundation for learning modern languages at secondary school.  This term, students from Year One to Six have been attending a Sanskrit Assembly on Thursday mornings, where they have been familiarising themselves with the different grammatical forms of certain words.  The enthusiasm and retention of the New Entrants, Year One and Year Two students is astonishing.  The understanding of grammar which is the key aspect to being able to express ourselves well is enhanced significantly by learning an ancient language and particularly Sanskrit.  Despite the rise in use of technology today, the nation and world still needs good people who can express themselves well, and the combination of Sanskrit, Shakespeare and the formal teaching of English grammar is setting our students up with an excellent tool box.  The Sanskrit language has an attractive sound and the children enjoy reciting it.  Furthermore in learning the different families of letters, the students are required to open their mouths and exercise their tongues in unexpected ways which is excellent in an age where young people are losing the art of clear communication.  The Sanskrit prayers we recite have a universal theme.  The one for this term translates as:-

May all be happy
May all be without disease
May all creatures have well-being
And none be in misery of any sort

Peter Crompton


Just this Day – Wednesday 22/11

A notice has gone home with the children today with further details about Just this Day next week.  Please send your consent replies in on Monday, either on the consent form or by sending an email to the office.  Thank you.

Swimming Gala – Yrs 3 – 8, Wednesday 22/11

The children in Classes 3 to 8 will take place in the annual Swimming Gala at the Mt Eden pools.  Please remind them to bring their swimming things on the day.

Dance Assembly – Friday 24/11

All parents are invited to our Dance Assembly next Friday 24th November.  The Boys and girls in  Classes 1 – 4 and the Class 5 & 6 girls will be performing.  All welcome.

The Oversized Cake Stall – Friday 24/11 from 2.30pm – Upper Yard

Class 7 and 8 students are putting on a special cake stall to raise funds for their trip to Wellington in Week 7.  The event will run from 2.30 pm to allow students to be available for collection at the normal time.   However, feel free to park and join the fun.  There is a carnival theme with candy floss, popcorn, homemade lemonade and our very own clown.   All food and drink will be made by the students and will cost 50 cents, $1 or $2.