Ficino School Letter Week 5, Term 4, 2015

The biennial senior Shakespeare production of a Midsummer Night’s Dream is nearly upon us. At our Good Works Assembly this morning we saw a brief extract of a scene near the end of the play involving a group described as the Mechanicals. It is a marvel of Shakespeare’s wit that he can provide Year One students with such entertainment that they were almost falling over themselves laughing, and also portray the subtleties of human nature to appeal to an adult audience. This play is one of Shakespeare’s most fantastical and under Mr Hudson’s direction, the Year Seven and Eight students are being raised to levels they couldn’t imagine in terms of learning lines and having to enter into a part fully. This all comes with a great sense of teamwork; a brilliant way to end the year and their time at Ficino School for some of them.

The Good Works also included some screen printing from Year Two which they spoke very eloquently about; a beautiful rendition of a piece from one of the ancient Upanishads by Class Four and finally recitation of a letter by Marsilio Ficino performed by Class Six. One of the founding principles of Ficino School is to provide the best material for our pupils; especially those things they are learning by heart, because these become their capital for life. This piece from Ficino fits the bill perfectly.

“I pray you become swift and diligent to hear and see, but slow to believe, slower to judge and slowest of all to speak. So that you can speak what is good listen to what is good, and so that you may hear well of yourself for your part speak well of others. For it cannot be that he who speaks maliciously does not hear maliciously. Moreover, in speaking beware of a lie no less than a navigator is wary of a rock. For boundless is the light of truth, boundless its power. The lie swiftly betrays and ruins the liar”.

Peter Crompton



Senior Shakespeare Play – A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Next Week  18 – 21 November

Tickets are available at the school office for the following performances:-
Wednesday 18 November – 7.30pm
Thursday 19 November – 7.30pm
Friday 20 November – 7.30pm
Saturday 21 November – 2.00 pm
Saturday 21 November – 7.30pm

Ticket Prices
Adult – $12
Concession:  $8 (senior citizens/tertiary students)
Child:  $5 (school age) (no charge for preschool age)
Family Group:  $26 (2 adults and 2 children)

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Jump Rope For Heart – $915 Sponsorship Received
Thank you very much for your support for this worthwhile fundraiser.  The grand total of $915 was received for the Heart Foundation.