Ficino School Letter Week 5, Term 2, 2016

The students from Years Four and Six have been immersing themselves in New Zealand history with trips to Howick Historical Village and Waitangi respectively. It was delightful to see the Year Four students dressed up in the style of early Aucklanders. They looked quite grown up and behaved accordingly. It is a good reminder of the importance of teaching children to take care of their appearance and how they present themselves. They themselves, and those around them, are uplifted by this extra attention to detail. One of the school values at our sister school St James in London used to be ‘Never Careless’ and has been replaced in the positive as ‘Care in all things’.

Over the next few weeks we will be concentrating on ensuring students are wearing the correct uniform and encouraging them to wear it with pride. When they do, it brings unity and coherence to each class and to the school. As parents, your son or daughter may receive a note from the Deputy Principal for you to sign if they have incorrect uniform items or are not wearing their uniform correctly. We look forward to your support in helping the childrento take pride in their school, and how they present themselves.

Class 6 visited Waitangi for an overnight trip, returning to school at 9 pm last night. It was very pleasing to hear that the education centre instructors commented that the Ficino students’ depth of understanding and ability to ask penetrating questions was outstanding. He said he never normally goes into so much detail with so young a class. The trip was enriching and complements their study of the Treaty of Waitangi in History, Myth and Culture (HMC).

Peter Crompton


Fundraising Cake Sale – Yr 8 – Friday 10th June

The first fundraising cake sale will be run by Year 8 parents and students next Friday 10th June at 3pm. Children can bring $1 or 50c to school to purchase a small cake.  The class will decide which charity they would like to support.

Emotional Intelligence Information Evening – Thursday 16th June

We are still taking registrations for the Emotional Intelligence Information Evening presented by Lynne Walder from Polkadot Coaching.  If you would like to come, please email to book your place.  There will be a charge of $10 per person, to be paid on entry.

Board/Parent Evening – Monday 20th June

The Board of Trustees will be holding a Meet the Board Evening on Monday 20th June.  Drinks and nibbles will be served and an invitation will be sent to parents shortly.  Meanwhile, please save the date in your diaries.

Term Dates for 2017

The Term dates for 2017 are now available on the school website