Ficino School Letter Week 5, Term 1, 2017

It was very enjoyable meeting with a number of you at the Parents Lunch today and also seeing so many making the most of the sunshine on Sunday at the School Picnic.  On both occasions I found myself involved in very meaningful conversations; one about experiences on times of retreat and the other about the importance of balancing both the spiritual and material aspects of our human nature.  The fact that conversations such as this can take place between relative strangers at a stand up lunch and at the beach is remarkable.  The art of good conversation is really something quite special and to some extent it is becoming a lost art. On the School Tour this morning after we had walked through four classrooms and heard the children respond to questions, one of the prospective parents looked at me, a little dumbstruck and suddenly blurted out, ‘I can’t believe how well those children speak, how confident they are and how they know exactly what they want to say!’  Such an observation is of course a delight to hear, because the power of speaking well is an essential part of primary education.  As you know our students stand up at Assembly in front of the whole school and ask and answer questions.  It is second nature to them.

Getting back to the importance of good conversation, our older students get the opportunity to practice this art in their Philosophy lessons. The Philosophy for Children (P4C) programme stresses the importance of listening carefully and responding respectfully to each of the other speakers.  The result of a good conversation should be one where everyone involved has had the opportunity to loosen their attachment to their previously held opinions and grow in their understanding of whatever topic is being discussed.  I recently watched this TED talk on this very topic of enriching conversation.

Peter Crompton


Mid-Term Break Holiday – Friday 10th March

A reminder that our Mid-term break holiday is on Friday 10th March.  There will be no School on this day. The dates for upcoming events can be found on the Ficino website calendar at



Ficino Fiesta – Saturday 18th March – 5pm – 9pm

See this week’s Fiesta Focus for the latest news about the Fiesta.  Next week is bottle donation week, so please leave your offerings in the box in your child’s classroom by next Thursday 9th March as Friday is our mid-term break holiday. Thank you!

Ficino Information Evening – Wednesday 22 March – 6 – 7pm

Our first information evening for prospective parents will be held on Wednesday 2nd March from 6pm – 7pm.  If you know anyone who would prefer to come and hear about the school in the evening, rather than on the weekend, please let them know about our Information Evening.  Thank you.

Open Morning – Saturday 25th March – 9.30 – noon

A reminder that we are having an Open Morning at school for prospective parents on Saturday 25th March.  A notice about this was sent home with the children last week. If you have not returned your reply slip, please bring this to school on Monday.  Thank you.

Ficino Running Club – Friday Mornings

Just a reminder that Running Club is on every Friday morning rain or shine.  Meet at school just before 7.00am in PE gear.  Year 5-8 Children and any parents are welcome, if your child is younger than Year 5 an adult will need to accompany them on the run.  The run is usually between 3-4 km.
We have breakfast afterwards of weetbix and toast with a gold coin donation to go towards the costs. Any questions please email or speak to Mrs Watkins

Hockey Registrations

Thank you to those who have handed in their hockey registration forms with the Parent Help. If you haven’t yet can you please do so by Monday so I can confirm the teams/numbers. If you don’t get it in, I will have to assume your child doesn’t want to play anymore.

School Team Shirts

If your child has a PE shirt with a number on the back it is a school one. Can you please return it unless you are playing Futsal in it this term.