Ficino School Letter Week 4, Term 3, 2016

Yesterday in a very full hall, Year 4 entertained students and parents alike with their play of the Greek myth, Demeter and Persephone. It is a wonderful story about cycles of our living earth. As children’s writer Sally Pomme Clayton put it, the story reminds us “that for anything to grow it must winter underground, that life depends on death, laughter and tears and spring on winter.” The students spoke with clarity and confidence, their characters portrayed beautifully by costume and makeup. They had learned all their lines and probably most of each others as well. Education systems around the world are relinquishing learning by heart from school programmes in the belief that information is readily available so there is no need to learn it. This is a limited view; what we learn becomes part of our being, part of our storehouse of experiences and understanding, to draw on in times of need. Without that substantial foundation we don’t know what we know or what we need to know. Learning by heart also trains our memory and this is fundamental to the growth of intelligence.
Peter Crompton


Preschool Viewing for Parents

As advised last week, you are all invited to an informal viewing of the new preschool next week on Tuesday 23rd August from 3pm – 4pm.  We are also holding an informal open morning on Wednesday 24th August from 9.30am to 11.30am.   You are most welcome to attend either of these events.

Ficino School Library – Book Donations

We have received a wonderful response to our request for book donations for the school library.  There are still twenty-two titles we would like to purchase, so if you are interested, the book list is at reception.  Thank you for your support.

Traffic Safety

In order to stop the traffic buildup down View Road at afternoon pickup, please could Year 5 to 8 parents not join the queue before 3.05pm.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Please also be reminded of the 5kmph speed limit through the school grounds.