Ficino School Letter Week 4, Term 2, 2017

It was a pleasure this morning to award prefect badges to three of our Year 8 students.  We have a much larger cohort in Year 8 this year than last with 16 students due to graduate in December. Prefect badges are given to students when they demonstrate an ability to follow our five school values which it is good to be reminded of here.

1.  Speak the truth
2.  Obey lawful direction
3.  Respect all
4.  Learn to be responsible and be responsible to learn
5.  Practise what is good with resilience and courage

Furthermore our intermediate years are a great opportunity for students to show leadership and offer service to the School.  The three new prefects were Ella Liang who is always willing to take on more responsibilities and she has voluntarily taken up the roles of Assistant Librarian and Assistant Sports Captain; Charlie Alston, who demonstrates natural leadership in his ability to remain steady in the classroom, is well mannered and respectful to his teachers and peers and enjoys helping others; Agam Khanna who always puts his hand up when anything needs doing, carries out everything with a smile on his face and is friendly and compassionate to all.

Peter Crompton


Cue Haven trip last week for Class 5

The children of Class 5 had a wonderful day at Cue Haven last Friday, where they planted trees and learned about conservation.  You will find  a description of the day and lots of photos of the children on the Cue Haven website  under the heading ‘What’s New’ – Ficino School 19 May 2017, (you may have to scroll down a bit).

Class Two Spirit Play – Thursday 1st June – 11am

The gods grew very boastful about winning a great victory and were having a feast to celebrate.  A mysterious person entered the festivities and they sent Fire and Wind to find out who he was.  They could not discover who he was. In the end Wisdom showed them that it is only through Spirit that they could do anything.
All parents and friends are welcome to come along and enjoy the Spirit Play.

Teacher Only Day – Friday 2nd June

As advised in your class teacher’s welcome letter, Friday 2nd June is a teacher only day and Monday 5th June is the Queen’s Birthday public holiday.

Special Assembly – Friday 9th June

All parents are invited to a Special Assembly to celebrate twenty years of Ficino School.  This will take place on Friday 9th June at 8.30am and as part of this assembly, Mr Crompton will speak about future development projects for the school.