Ficino School Letter Week 4, Term 1, 2016

This week in our Assemblies we have been looking at the significance of Lent in the Christian Calendar. This is the period between Ash Wednesday (10th February this year) and the beginning of the Easter weekend. People sometimes give things up for the forty day period; this is done in remembrance of the time Christ spent fasting in the wilderness prior to beginning his ministry. He was preparing himself for the work ahead of him. This period was a time of purification; of his body through fasting and of his mind through being quiet and alone with time to reflect. Interestingly the month of February was a time of purification from long before Jesus. The word comes from Februare which means to purify. Quiteness is a good way to prepare for anything. And in the practice of the Pause, the students have the opportunity to become quiet and still, and clear their minds for whatever awaits them in the next activity.

A few of our students have given something up for Lent, so the tradition still stands but not strongly. Traditions are an important part of maintaining the fabric of our society. Our founder Leon MacLaren once said that the reason we can walk down the street unmolested is because of the Ten Commandments. Although the knowledge is lost to many the effect is very present.

Peter Crompton


School Picnic – Sunday 28 Feb – Long Bay – 10 – 2pm

The weather on Sunday is not looking too promising for the picnic at this stage but we have decided to wait until Saturday afternoon to make a decision as to whether it will go ahead.  We will post a message on Facebook on Saturday afternoon.  If in doubt, you can contact your Class Coordinator.  We hope to see you there!

Information Evening & Open Morning

The children have brought home a few flyers advertising the Information Evening on Wednesday 9th March and our Open Morning on Saturday 12th March.  Would you please distribute these to anyone you think may be interested in the school or the preschool.  Thank you for your help with this.

Class 6,7,8 Parents Lunch – Friday 4 March

Thank you for all the reply slips received so far.  Please return any further replies on Monday.  Thank you.

Open Morning Attendance Replies

The Open Morning attendance reply slips are due back on Monday 29th February.  We have received a large number already, but need to hear from all families in the school so that we can plan for the day.  Thank you.